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Rear View; Specifications; Usb Specifications - Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 2 User Manual

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Keyboard drainage hole
Drain out liquid from your computer if you accidentally spill liquid on the keyboard.
When the computer is operating, it should be placed on a hard and flat surface with its bottom area
not in contact with user's bare skin. Under normal operating conditions, the temperature of the
bottom surface will remain within an acceptable range as defined in IEC 62368-1, but such
temperatures can still be high enough to cause discomfort or harm to the user if directly touched for
over one minute at a time. As such, it is recommended that users avoid prolonged direct contact with
the bottom of the computer.

Rear view

Nano-SIM-card tray*
* for selected models
Related topic
"Connect to a cellular network (for selected models)" on page 9


For detailed specifications of your computer, go to

USB specifications

Note: Depending on the model, some USB connectors might not be available on your computer.
Chapter 1
Meet your computer


Table of Contents

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