Installation Of Usb Driver - Acer MP-120 1GB User Manual

Acer mp-120 1gb: user guide
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Environment Friendly Card
Installation CD
AAA LR03 Battery
FM Earphone
4 . Installation of USB Drive
The installation is only needed for windows98 and windows 98 se computers. The steps are as
Insert the accessory CD into the CD drive and it will work automatically. The interface
shows as follows.
Click <Install>, and finish the installation of the drive with clues. The restart of the
computer is needed afterward.
Confirmation of the installation of USB drive
Connect MP120 by the USB cable to the computer
Choose "Control Panel","Syetem", and enter "Device Manager", it will show as follows;
Choose "Disk drives" and the installed USB drive will display
Attention: if it doesn't show as upward, then please uninstall your USB drive and reinstall it.


Table of Contents

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