Acer MP-120 1GB User Manual

Acer MP-120 1GB User Manual

Acer mp-120 1gb: user guide


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Acer MP120
User's Manual
Ver 1.0


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  • Page 1 Acer MP120 User’s Manual Ver 1.0...
  • Page 2 Copyright Copyright 2006 by Acer Inc., All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language or computer language, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical,...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Safety Declaration ... 2 Product Description ... 2 1. Main Features... 2 2. Button Location... 3 3. Packaging / Accessories...3 4. Installation of USB Driver... 4 5. USB Connection and Safe Removal...5 III Functions ... 5 1. Basic Operations ...5 2.
  • Page 4: I Safety Declaration

    12. Don’t throw used battery into the waste bin, it should be recycled. Product Description Thank you for purchasing this Acer MP120 product. This product shows the main menu, sub-menus, song names, lyrics and ID3 information. Its perfect sound quality, high reliability and elegant appearance all work together to make it a masterpiece.
  • Page 5: Button Location

    Hold: You press the key and do not release it until the desired effect is achieved. 2.3 PORT USB: Standard USB port EARPHONE: Standard earphone jack 2.4 Recording Mic: input 3. Packaging / Accessories Please confirm the packaging and accessories have the contents below: Acer MP120 Player...
  • Page 6: Installation Of Usb Driver

    Environment Friendly Card Installation CD AAA LR03 Battery FM Earphone 4 . Installation of USB Drive The installation is only needed for windows98 and windows 98 se computers. The steps are as follows: Insert the accessory CD into the CD drive and it will work automatically. The interface shows as follows.
  • Page 7: Usb Connection And Safe Removal

    5.USB Connection and Safe Removal 5.1.1 When the MP3 Player is connected to computer, the LCD will show the following picture: And when the MP3 Player is writing & reading data, the LCD will show the following graphic: You should not disconnect the MP3 Player from the PC while it’s reading or writing, or else it will cause your data lost.
  • Page 8: Music Mode

    2. MUSIC Mode In the MUSIC mode, the system can play MP3 files and WMA files, with synchronous lyrics. 2.1 Interface Description 2.2 MUSIC Playing Status 2.2.1 Basic Function In the MUSIC standby status, you can press the PLAY key to start playing music, as shown in the following diagram: In the MUSIC playing status: Short pressing the PLAY key pauses the playing of the music.
  • Page 9 When the unit is playing music, you can access MUSIC setup by short pressing the MODE key. 2.3.1 Repeat Mode Setup In the MUSIC playing status, access Repeat mode setup and short press the NEXT or PREV key to select the repeat mode you want, and then short press the ENTER key to confirm.
  • Page 10 2.3.3 A-B Mode In the MUSIC status, select A-B mode. “A” starts flashing. Press NEXT to mark the beginning of the range to be repeated. “A” stops flashing, while “B” starts flashing. Press the NEXT key again to mark the end of the range. Now, the A-B range will be repeated. If you press the NEXT key for a third time, you go to Comparison/Following.
  • Page 11 Long pressing the MODE key returns to the main menu. 2.4.1 MUSIC Folder Setup After you access MUSIC folder setup, you see the following interface: Play list: It lists the files to play. Artists: It lists the artists. Genre: It lists the genres. Composers: It lists the composers: License Inf:...
  • Page 12 If the subsequent song has lyrics, the system still shows the lyrics display interface. If the song has no lyrics, the unit returns to the normal play interface. 2.5.1 Normal Playing Status Interface Description Chinese lyrics: When a line of characters in the LRC file needs to be displayed on multiple screens, the synchronous time tag is calculated for each screen by averaging.
  • Page 13: Rec Mode

    The total length of the lyric of one song should not exceed 100 screens. The player supports *.LRC files to display the lyrics synchronously with the song. You can download lyrics from How to use LRC files? Keep the name of a LRC file the same as that of the appropriate song file. For example, for the song name of William Castle-Zhou Jielun.mp3, the corresponding LRC file name should be William Castle-Zhou Jielun.lrc.
  • Page 14: Voice Mode

    In this case, you should replace the battery. Caution: If the battery in the Acer MP120 is in low power or no battery is in the unit for a long time, the Acer MP120 may fail to normally play the DRM songs again.
  • Page 15: Fm Radio Mode (Optional)

    Select this item to exit the menu. 4.3 REC Play Status Short pressing the PLAY key: pauses playing Long pressing the PLAY key: accesses the power-off energy-saving mode Short pressing the VOL key: accesses the volume control interface Short pressing the MODE key: accesses REC play setup Long pressing the MODE key: returns to the main menu Short pressing the NEXT/PREV key: selects the next/previous file Long pressing the NEXT/PREV key: navigates through the files forward/backward.
  • Page 16 5.2 Save When you search a good broadcast manual, you can save the broadcast by select this item and press the mode key to save it. Notice that anytime when you save a broadcast it will add a station to the broadcast station list.
  • Page 17: System Setup

    Prev key when you are listening radio. This item is for exiting the search mode submenu. 5.4 Record When you select this item, this unit records the current program of the channel as a recorded file. 5.5 Delete When you select this item and press mode key to confirm, it will delete the selected broadcast station automatic.
  • Page 18 6.2 On-line Preparation Select USB on-line preparation and specify the unit to be a Media Device or USB Disk. After that, when you connect this unit as a USB device to your computer, it works as the type of device you have specified. 6.3 Backlight Time In this mode, you can modify the backlight color.
  • Page 19: Faq

    Single encrypted disk: In this mode, only the partitioned encrypted disk is displayed on the After the setting, the selected disk is shown on the PC when the unit is connected to a PC. 6.9 Storage Information The number indicates the total space of the disk, and the percentage indicates those already used against the total.
  • Page 20: Product Specifications

    Product Specifications The index parameter Index Hard disk Interface Storage medium Power Transfer speed Operation System Earphone Output Record Time Bit Rate Support FMRadio Frequency Support (optional) Capacity LCD Display Operating Conditions Common Conditions Size Life-span Driver Parameter specification IBM PC, compatible PC, notebook with USB interface Universal Serial Bus 1.0/1.1 (USB 1.0/1.1) Flash memory Supply by USB interface without connect power, when play...
  • Page 21 Http: //

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