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Acer mp-120 1gb: user guide
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5.2 Save
When you search a good broadcast manual, you can save the broadcast by select this item
and press the mode key to save it.
Notice that anytime when you save a broadcast it will add a station to the broadcast station
5.3 Search mode
When you select this item, you will enter a search mode selection submenu, where you can
change the search mode as Auto Search, freq mode and station mode.
Search mode select
When you select the search mode in the FM menu and press mode key to confirm the
selection you will enter the search mode submenu, there are 4 items in this submenu as the
When you select this item and confirmed the machine will search the broadcast automatic,
and it will store all the broadcast station it searched.
When you select this item it will enter a frequency search interface as the follow:
Notice that anytime when you enter the Freq Mode or when you are listening the radio, you
can use the Next key or Prev key to change the frequency, when a broadcast is searched
the icon
will appear to clew you to save the broadcast station. And if there is no
broadcast is searched, the icon
will not appear.
As you want to save a broadcast station you should press the mode key to enter the FM
menu mode and select the save item.
When you select this item it can only change the broadcast station directly by press Next or



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