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2. MUSIC Mode

In the MUSIC mode, the system can play MP3 files and WMA files, with synchronous lyrics.
2.1 Interface Description
2.2 MUSIC Playing Status
2.2.1 Basic Function
In the MUSIC standby status, you can press the PLAY key to start playing music, as shown
in the following diagram:
In the MUSIC playing status:
Short pressing the PLAY key pauses the playing of the music.
Long pressing the PLAY key stops the playing of the music.
Holding the NEXT or PREV key moves fast forward or backward in the current song to
select a music segment. Short pressing the NEXT or PREV key moves fast forward or
backward to another song. In the standby status, a short pressing moves to the next or
previous song.
Short pressing the MODE key accesses MUSIC setup.
Short pressing the VOL key accesses the volume control interface.
2.2.2 Volume Control
After you access volume setup in the MUSIC playing status, you can short press the VOL+
or VOL- key to access the volume control options. When you change the volume, the
volume icon changes accordingly.
2.3 MUSIC Setup


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