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Acer mp-120 1gb: user guide
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5.USB Connection and Safe Removal
5.1.1 When the MP3 Player is connected to computer, the LCD will show the
following picture:
And when the MP3 Player is writing & reading data, the LCD will show the following
You should not disconnect the MP3 Player from the PC while it's reading or writing, or else
it will cause your data lost.
5.1.2 Safe Removal of USB from Your Computer
1) Select the Plug-n-Play Device icon from the Windows Taskbar, right-click on it, and
select Safely Remove Hardware.
2) Select the hardware device you want to stop, and click on the Stop button.
3) Select the drive you want to stop and click OK.
4) Click Close to complete this process.
Caution: Failing to disconnect this product from your computer by the standard procedure
may damage this product.
III Functions

1. Basic Operations

1.1 Turning On/Off
Press "Power on/Play/pause/Stop/Power off "(
) button 2-3sec to turn on.
Press "Power on/Play/pause/Stop/Power off" (
) button 3-5sec to turn off while playing.
In the standby mode, the player will shut down automatically when the machine is not being
operated for 30 seconds.
1.2 Function Selection
In the main menu, you can navigate through various modes by short pressing of the NEXT
or PREV key. Then, you can short press the MODE key to access the selected mode, after
which the appropriate contents appear on the display.


Table of Contents

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