Acer MP-150 1GB User Manual

Acer MP-150 1GB User Manual

Acer mp-150 1gb: user guide


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  • Page 1 Acer MP-340 Acer MP150 User’s Manual Ver 1.0...
  • Page 2 Copyright Copyright 2006 by Acer Inc., All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language or computer language, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical,...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    I Safety Instruction... 4 II Product Introduction ... 4 1 Major features ... 4 2 Keys and Functions... 5 3 Pack and Accessories ... 5 4 Charging batteries ... 5 5 Installation of USB drive ... 6 6 The linkage and safe remove of USB cable ... 7 III Basic Functions ...
  • Page 4: I Safety Instruction

    12) The used batteries should be recycled rather than disposed as common rubbish. II Product Introduction Thank you for choosing Acer’s MP150, which is a high-quality and portable MP3 player with chargeable Li-Polymer battery. You can play different formatted audio files or converted video files (with conversion tool provided) and enjoy the perfect listening and watching experience.
  • Page 5: Keys And Functions

    French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch. Firmware upgradation 2 Keys and Functions 3 Pack and Accessories Please be sure that the pack and accessories include the following pieces: Acer MP150 player User’s manuel Installing CD Power adapter USB line Stereo earphone...
  • Page 6: Installation Of Usb Drive

    5 Installation of USB drive The USB drive installation is only needed for windows 98 and windows 98 se computers. The steps are as follows: 1) Insert the accessory CD into the CD drive and it will work automatically. The interface shows as follows.
  • Page 7: The Linkage And Safe Remove Of Usb Cable

    6 The linkage and safe remove of USB cable 6.1 Link the USB cable Link the MP3 player with the computer by USB cable, and the screen of MP3 will show the following picture. It means the next step of copying data can start. When the player is transferring data, no direct break between the player and computer is allowed, otherwise the data might miss.
  • Page 8: Basic Functions

    1 Basic operation Turn on and off the player 1) Turn on: Long press “Power” key the screen will show the Acer Logo (shown as follows) and enter the main menu interface. The defaulted choice is “music”. 2) Turn off: Long press “Power” till the Power off logo appears (shown as follows). If any unknown reason causes the player into dead status, normally press “RESET”...
  • Page 9 Under music playing status, long press “Enter”, a “Select Memory” dialogue box will appear immediately, see Pic 4. Press “ press “ENTER” to get into the root directory of Music. Press “ the wanted music folder and press “ENTER” to get into the sub directory of music folder and press “ENTER”...
  • Page 10: Video Playing

    6) How to delete the songs? Under the Music list, press “ deleted, and short press “MODE”, a window of “Property, delete and exit” appears. Press” “or” “key to choose “delete” and short press “ENTER”. A dialogue box “sure to delete” pop up and press “ delete the chosen file.
  • Page 11: Microphone Recording

    press “ “or” “ to choose “Disable” and press “ENTER” to confirm the autoplay. Long press “ENTER” to return to the picture file list. 1) Check the property of photos Under the picture file list, short press “MODE”, a window of “Property, delete and exit” will show up and press “...
  • Page 12: Book

    6 E-book Select “E-book” under the main menu as in Pic 14 and press “ENTER”, a prompt window of “Select Memory” appears immediately. Press” press “ENTER” to get into the root directory of E-Book. Press “ needed E-Book folder and press “ENTER” to the sub directory and press “ENTER” to the file list.
  • Page 13: Format Conversion Of Video Files

    1) LCD Setting Under “SETTING”, Press “ “ENTER” to the screen setting interface. Press “ and short press “ENTER” to return to “setting” interface. 2) Language setting Under “SETTING”, Press “ to the language setting interface. Press “ press “ENTER” to return to “setting” interface. 3) Power off setting Under “SETTING”, Press “...
  • Page 14 Add video files After the operation of the software, click “start” to add video files (or the will-be converted files. Video files appear as follows are will-be converted files if without any specification) and click the button; A video file path is ejected and click right small button “review”and select the proper file type.
  • Page 15: Common Problems And Solutions

    IV Common Problems and Solutions The following part is some of the common problems in dealing with the product. Please check it first before contacting the Customer Service Center. 1. Q: The player cannot be started and LCD doesn’t show anything, why? A: Make sure that the battery is fully charged.
  • Page 16: Specifications

    V Specifications Category Built-in Storage System File System Key Definition Language File View Mode User interface Battery Playback Time Power Saving Display Interface Audio Audio Output Earphone USB2.0 Device Dimensions General Operation Temperature Parameter specification 128/256/512/1024MB Flash(For choice) SD/MMC Card FAT16 Power, Up, Down, VOL+, VOL-, Enter, Mode, Lock, Multi-Language Menu and Filename Display...
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