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Acer mp-120 1gb: user guide
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6.2 On-line Preparation
Select USB on-line preparation and specify the unit to be a Media Device or USB Disk.
After that, when you connect this unit as a USB device to your computer, it works as the
type of device you have specified.
6.3 Backlight Time
In this mode, you can modify the backlight color.
After you access this item, short press the PREV/NEXT key to select the backlight color.
Then short press the MODE key to confirm your modification and exit the menu at the same
6.4 Language Selection
In this mode, you can select the language used.
6.5 Power-off Setup
You can select automatic entry to the power-saving mode or sleep mode.
For the specific procedure, see Sound Effect Mode.
Note: When the sleep mode is set, it only functions once. Once the unit is turned off, the
time setting is automatically cleared. To use this function again, you must make another
6.6 Repeat Setup
You can select the manual mode or auto mode.
Where: "Manual mode" means that sentences cannot be broken during A-B repeat, and you
can only set break point manually.
"Automatic mode" means that sentences can be broken during A-B repeat. (This function
can be used to read English texts not accompanied by music)
For the specific procedure, see Sound Effect Mode.
6.7 Contrast Adjustment
In this mode, you can set the contrast.
For the specific procedure, see Sound Effect Mode.
6.8 On-line Mode
In this mode, you can set the mode of connection to a PC.
Multiple-disk: In this mode, all disk partitions are displayed on the PC.
Single common disk: In this mode, only the partitioned non-encrypted disk is displayed on
the PC.



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