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Acer mp-120 1gb: user guide
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Long pressing the MODE key returns to the main menu.
2.4.1 MUSIC Folder Setup
After you access MUSIC folder setup, you see the following interface:
Play list:
It lists the files to play.
It lists the artists.
It lists the genres.
It lists the composers:
License Inf:
It provides the license information.
Local folder:
Select this item and select the folder you want to access by pressing the NEXT/PREV key,
and then press the MODE key to access it.
Delete file:
Select this item and press the ENTER key. Press the PREV/NEXT key to select YES, and
then short press the MODE key to confirm your deletion.
Delete all:
This item is the same as Delete file, except that it deletes all the files instead of one file only.
After the system deletes all the files, it returns to the MUSIC standby status.
Select this item to exit the menu.
2.5 Lyrics Display
In the MUSIC playing status, the system automatically accesses the lyrics display interface
if the current song has lyrics. The system continues to play the current song while
displaying the appropriate lyrics according to the progress of the song. When the song is
finished, the unit continues to play the subsequent song according to the play mode setting.



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