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Acer mp-120 1gb: user guide
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Multi-Languages–Supports many languages, including simplified Chinese, traditional
Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Spanish

2. Button Location

2.1 Main Menu
2.2 Keys, Switch and Ports
This player provides six keys and one switch:
PLAY/PAUSE key: Allows you to power-on (long pressing), play, pause, stop, and
power-off (long pressing)
PREV key: Allows you to select the previous song (short pressing) or move fast forward
(long pressing).
NEXT key: Allows you to select the next song (short pressing) or move fast backward
(long pressing).
VOL+ key: Allows you to increase the volume.
VOL- key: Allows you to decrease the volume.
MODE key: Allows you to change the mode.
HOLD switch: Allows you to lock the keys.
Note: You can short press, long press or hold a key, where:
Short press: You press the key and release it in less than two seconds.
Long press: You press the key and release in more than two seconds.
Hold: You press the key and do not release it until the desired effect is achieved.
2.3 PORT
USB: Standard USB port
EARPHONE: Standard earphone jack
2.4 Recording
Mic: input

3. Packaging / Accessories

Please confirm the packaging and accessories have the contents below:
Acer MP120 Player


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents