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Operating Sequence; Load The Laundry; Switch The Machine On; Select Drying - Zanussi WD 15 Instruction Booklet

Zanussi washer-dryer instruction booklet wd 15
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Operating sequence

Drying only
If you wish to carry out only a drying cycle, for example
to dry hand washed items, you can choose between
automatic drying or time controlled drying. In both
cases you have to keep the following maximum loads:
- cotton 2.5 kg
- synthetics 2 kg

1. Load the laundry

2. Switch the machine on

Press the ON/OFF button to switch the machine on.

3. Select drying

Depress the AUTO DRY button to choose the required
degree of final drying if you wish to dry automatically.
If you want to perform a time controlled drying, depress
the DRYING TIME button to select first the type of
fabrics (cotton or synthetic) and then continue to depress
until the time you want appears in the display: from 15
mins to 2 hours and 10 mins for cotton, from 10 mins to
1 hour and 40 mins for synthetics.

4. Start the programme

Depress the START/PAUSE button to start the
5. At the end of the programme
The machine stops automatically and three flashing
zeros are displayed.
Depress the ON/OFF button again to switch the machine off.
Remove the laundry.


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