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Which Detergent; And In Which Form - Zanussi WD 15 Instruction Booklet

Zanussi washer-dryer instruction booklet wd 15
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Which detergent?....

To ensure you obtain the best wash results from your
appliance, it is important to use the right detergent in
your everyday wash, and only detergents recommended
for use in automatic machines.
To maintain the appearance of your clothes and
household textiles and to make them last longer you
should use different types of detergent for different
washes, whether for whites, colours or delicates.
We recommend the Ariel product
range which is biological and
designed to provide excellent
cleaning and stain removal even
at low temperatures.
If you prefer to use a non
biological detergent, which does
not contain enzymes we
recommend Fairy. Fairy provides
good cleaning and stain removal.
For coloured items you should use a
detergent which is designed to clean
while maintaining the original colour.
Ariel Color does not contain bleach
and therefore helps to preserve
When washing delicates such as
woollens, you should use a product
which is specially designed to care for
fine fabrics.
Dreft Automatic is suitable for
woollens and other delicates.
For additional stain removal you may
wish to use a product such as Ace
Gentle Bleach which is used in addition
to your chosen detergent. Ace is
suitable for all washable fabrics
including silks, woollens and coloureds.

And in which form?

Not only are there different types of detergent, but they
are also available in different forms. Whether you chose
a powder or liquid in traditional or compact form is to
own personal choice.
Pour the powder directly into the dispenser drawer. Do
not sprinkle powder onto clothes in the machine drum.
Liquid can be placed in the main wash compartment of
the detergent drawer marked with the symbol
the machine immediately upon placing the detergent in
the dispenser drawer.
Alternatively the detergent is measured into the
specially designed dosing device* which should be
placed on top of the laundry, and at the back of the
machine drum.
Compact detergents (or concentrates as they are also
known) are available in liquid or powder form, and
generally require a smaller dosage. Follow the
manufacturer's instructions to ensure the most
economical usage. Pour the detergent directly into the
dispenser drawer, or alternatively measure the detergent
into the specially designed dosing device* which should
be placed on top of the laundry, and at the back of the
machine drum.
* If you use a dosing device in a washer dryer,
please ensure the dosing device/ball is removed
before carrying out a drying programme.
These are ideal for improving 'softness', and also
reduce static cling on synthetics and make ironing
easier. They are available in two types:
For example Lenor liquid fabric
softener, for use in the washing
machine/washer dryer. The
liquid fabric softener should be
poured into the compartment
marked with the symbol
Follow the manufacturer's dosage
instructions and never exceed the
MAX level.
Bounce conditioning sheets for use
in a tumble dryer. We recommend
the conditioning sheets are pinned
(using a safety pin) to an article
of laundry and placed in the
tumble dryer.
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