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Altering A Programme Which Is Running; Opening The Door After The Wash Programme - Zanussi WD 15 Instruction Booklet

Zanussi washer-dryer instruction booklet wd 15
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Delayed start, programmed using the DELAY
START button (11).
The selected delay (19 hours max.) is indicated in
the display. The countdown is updated every hour,
and every 5 minutes during the last hour.
PAUSE: when the START/PAUSE is pressed while
a wash programme is running, the figures in the
display, which indicate the time remaining, start to
Machine heating phase. A dot to the right of the
figures in the display indicates that the machine is
heating the water.
Incorrect option selection. If an option which is not
compatible with the set wash programme is selected,
the message Err is displayed.
Alarm codes. In the event of operating problems, a
specific code appears in the display (see "Something
not working").
10 START/PAUSE button
This button has three functions:
a) Start
After having selected the required programme, press this
button to start the machine; the display stops flashing.
b) Pause
To interrupt a wash programme which is running,
press the START/PAUSE button: the figures displayed
will start to flash.
The drying programmes cannot be interrupted.
To restart the programme from the point at which it was
interrupted, press the START/PAUSE button again.
c) Drain
At the end of a programme which stops with water in
the drum (RINSE HOLD option), or after the soak
programme, press the START/PAUSE button to empty
out the water: after a soak programme, the machine will
empty only; after RINSE HOLD programmes, the
machine will empty and spin.
11 DELAY START button
This button allows starting of the machine to be delayed
by a maximum of 19 hours.
The button must be pressed after selecting the
programme and before pressing the START/PAUSE
The figures indicating the time delay appear in the
display next to the button. After one minute, the
machine starts its countdown (hourly).
During the last hour, the remaining time is displayed
every 5 minutes.
The delay start function cannot be used with the SPIN
and DRAIN programmes.
To alter or cancel the time delay, press the START/
PAUSE button, then press the DELAY START button
until the required time is displayed or the symbol 0 h, if
you wish to cancel the delay.
Then press the START/PAUSE button again.
When the delay is cancelled, the display shows the
duration of the wash programme previously selected.
12 Operating pilot lights
The pilot lights come on individually, or in groups,
according to the options selected.
The pilot lights flash for about three seconds if wash
options are incorrectly selected. The message Err is
Altering a programme which is
To alter a programme, press the START/PAUSE button.
Before the machine starts the heating phase, i.e. within
the first 15 minutes for cotton programmes, 10 minutes
for synthetic and delicate programmes and 5 minutes for
the wool programme, the following parameters can be
- Fabrics
- Temperature
The PREWASH option can be cancelled, but cannot be
added, once the programme has started.
The SPIN SPEED option can be modified before the
final spin.
To restart the wash programme, press the
START/PAUSE button again.
Opening the door after the wash
programme has started
The door can only be opened before the machine starts
the heating phase (within the first 15, 10 or 5 minutes,
depending on the programme selected - see paragraph
Set the machine to PAUSE (by pressing the
START/PAUSE button).
If the door does not open, this means that the machine is
already heating, or that the water level is above the
bottom edge of the door.
This prevents water from spilling out when the door is
The door can only be opened when the pilot light next
to the handle goes out.


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