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Drying Time Button - Zanussi WD 15 Instruction Booklet

Zanussi washer-dryer instruction booklet wd 15
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Important! When selecting these programmes the
"FABRICS" button must not be depressed.
- switch the machine on
- select the desired special programme
- depress START/PAUSE button to start the
SOAK: for heavily soiled laundry, not for wool.
The machine performs a soak at 40°C ( the drum
rotates occasionally) and stops with the water in the
drum. The water can be emptied out in 2 ways:
- empty only by pressing the START/PAUSE button;
- empty and spin selecting a SPIN SPEED and
pressing START/PAUSE button.
The machine automatically drains after 18 hours,
if a drain or spin option has not been selected.
At the end of the soak, and after having emptied out
the water (the three zeros on the display flash), select
the required wash programme (the machine must be
first switched off and then on) or call one up using
the "memory" buttons, then start the machine by
pressing the START/PAUSE button.
MINI-WORN ONCE: this is a complete
programme in its own right, that is not compatible
with any of the other options, except DELAY
START. For use with laundry which is lightly soiled
or which needs freshening up (max. 2 kg). The
machine performs a 30 minute wash cycle at 30°C,
with a final spin at 650 rpm.
RINSES: with this programme, it is possible to rinse
and spin garments which have been washed by hand,
such as synthetics or delicates and types of wool
which are not machine washable.
The machine performs 3 delicate rinses with a high
water level, followed by a final spin at 700 rpm. To
select a slower or a higher spin speed use the SPIN
SPEED button.
Important: If you select a spin speed of 1500 or
1200 rpm, the machine will perform 3 rinses with a
low water level, a number of intermediate spins and
a final spin at 1500 or 1200 rpm; particularly
recommended for cottons.
If you select a spin speed of 900 rpm, the machine
will perform 3 rinses at high water level.
DRAIN: this programme can be selected to empty
out the water (e.g. for programmes with which the
RINSE HOLD option has been selected).
7 AUTO DRY button
By depressing this button you can selected the following
drying programmes:
- Extra dry
- Store dry
- Iron dry
- Store dry

8 DRYING TIME button

By depressing this button you can select the desired
drying time according to the fabrics (cotton or
synthetics) you have to dry.
If you select COTTON, the appliance will dry at full
heating power.
If you choose SYNTHETICS drying will be
performed at a reduced heating power.
If you select SYNTHETICS and then you wish to
change into COTTON, depress the AUTO DRY
button for about 2 seconds until the cotton light turns
To select the drying time you have to push the button
until the drying time you want appears in the display.
For COTTON you can select a drying time from 15
minutes to 2 hours and 10 minutes
For SYNTHETICS you can select a time from 10
minutes to 1 hours and 40 minutes (1.40).
9 TIME TO FINISH display
This display provides the following information:
Three flashing dashes
appear immediately after pressing the ON/OFF
button and indicate that the machine is ready to
receive instructions for the required programme.
Duration of the selected wash programme,
calculated automatically on the basis of the
maximum recommended load for each type of
fabric. The figures on the display flash until the
machine is started with the START button.
After the programme has started, the time remaining
is updated every 10 minutes, and every 5 minutes
during the last 20 minutes.
About 20 minutes after the programme has started,
the time remaining is updated on the basis of the
actual load size being washed (cottons only).
When the programme has finished, after the door
lock has released, three flashing zeros are displayed.


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