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Cleaning The Filter; The Danger Of Freezing - Zanussi WD 15 Instruction Booklet

Zanussi washer-dryer instruction booklet wd 15
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Cleaning the filter

The water drain filter
A clean filter is important for the correct functioning of
the machine, and should therefore be cleaned after every
washing programme.
Open the filter door and place a container underneath to
catch any spillage. If the filter is blocked and the
machine is unable to drain you will need to drain the
water manually from the machine at this stage. To do
this, unhook the drain hose from the standpipe or sink
and hold the end of the hose over a bowl on the floor.
The water should drain by gravity into the bowl. When
the bowl is full, hook the hose back up and empty the
bowl. Repeat the procedure until water stops flowing
Unscrew and remove the filter.
Clean carefully under a fast running tap.
When the appliance is in use and depending on the
programme selected there can be hot water in the filter.
Never remove the filter during a wash cycle, always
wait until the appliance has finished the cycle, and is
empty. When replacing the filter, ensure it is securely
retightened so as to stop leaks and young children being
able to remove it.
The water inlet filter
If your water is very hard or contains traces of lime
deposit, the water inlet filter may become clogged.
It is therefore a good idea to clean it from time to time.
Turn off the water tap. Unscrew the water inlet hose.
Remove and clean the filter using a hard bristle brush.
Replace the filter and tighten up the inlet hose.
The dangers of freezing
If the machine is exposed to temperatures below 0°C,
certain precautions should be taken.
Turn off the water tap.
Unscrew the inlet hose.
Unhook the drain hose from the rear support and
position the end of this hose and that of the inlet
hose in a bowl. Run the draining programme.
Disconnect the appliance.
Screw the inlet hose and reposition the drain hose.
When you intend to start the machine up again,
make sure that the room temperature is above 0°C.


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