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At The End Of The Programme - Zanussi WD 15 Instruction Booklet

Zanussi washer-dryer instruction booklet wd 15
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12. At the end of the programme

The machine stops automatically and three flashing
zeros are displayed.
The programme which has just been completed is still in
the memory and the corresponding pilot lights stay on.
If the RINSE HOLD option has been selected, the
corresponding pilot light flashes to indicate that the
water must be emptied out before opening the door.
The machine is fitted with a safety device that prevents
opening of the door for about 2-3 minutes after the end
of the programme. The door can only be opened after
the door locked indicator light has gone out.
Release of the lock is indicated by an audible signal as
well as the pilot light going out.
Switch the machine off by pressing the ON/OFF button.
Remove the laundry from the drum and carefully check
that the drum is empty, to avoid any forgotten items
being damaged in a subsequent wash e.g. shrinking or
colour running.
If you do not intend to carry out another wash, close the
water tap.
Leave the door open to prevent the formation of mildew
and unpleasant smells.


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