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Yamaha DSP-AX463 Owner's Manual: Using Bluetooth™ Components; Pairing The Bluetooth™ Adapter And Your Bluetooth™ Component; Playback Of The Bluetooth™ Component

Yamaha av amplifier owner's manual.
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You can connect a Yamaha Bluetooth adapter (such as YBA-10, sold separately) to the DOCK terminal of this unit and
enjoy the music contents stored in your Bluetooth component (such as a portable music player) without wiring between
this unit and the Bluetooth component. You need to perform "pairing" the connected Bluetooth adapter and your
Bluetooth component in advance.
Pairing the Bluetooth™ adapter
and your Bluetooth™ component
Pairing must be performed when using a Bluetooth
component with the Bluetooth adapter connected to this
unit for the first time or if the pairing data has been
deleted. "Pairing" refers to the operation of registering a
Bluetooth component for Bluetooth communications.
• You only need the pairing operation for the first time that you
use the Bluetooth component with the Bluetooth adapter.
• Pairing requires operations on this unit and on the other
component with which Bluetooth communications are to be
established. If necessary, refer to the other component's
operating instructions.
There are two pairing methods: pairing by using "START
PAIRING" in "SET MENU" and quick pairing.
■ Pairing by using "SET MENU"
Use this feature to perform pairing with the video monitor.
page 55 for details.
■ Quick pairing
To ensure security, a time limit of 8 minutes is set for the
pairing operation. You are recommended to read and fully
understand all the instructions before starting.
Press 3V-AUX/DOCK to select "V-AUX" as
the input source.
Turn on the Bluetooth component you want
to pair with.
Press and hold 6BAND for 3 seconds.
Once the Bluetooth adapter starts pairing,
"Searching..." appears for a moment. While the
Bluetooth adapter is in the pairing mode, DOCK
indicator flashes in the front panel display.
To cancel the pairing, press 6BAND again.
Using Bluetooth™ components
If the Bluetooth adapter is not connected to the DOCK
terminal of this unit, "No BT adapter" appears in the front
panel display.
Check that the Bluetooth component detects
the Bluetooth adapter.
If the Bluetooth component detects the Bluetooth
adapter, "YBA-10 YAMAHA" (example) appears in
the Bluetooth device list.
Select the Bluetooth adapter in the Bluetooth
device list and then enter the pass key
"0000" on the Bluetooth component.
When the pairing procedure is successful,
"Completed" appears in the front panel display.
The Yamaha Bluetooth adapter can be paired with up to eight
Bluetooth components. When pairing is conducted successfully
with a ninth component and the pairing data is registered, the
pairing data for the least recently used other component is
Playback of the Bluetooth™
Press J INPUT l / h repeatedly (or press
3V-AUX/DOCK) to select "V-AUX" as the
input source.
Start playback of your Bluetooth component.
When the connected Bluetooth adapter detects the
Bluetooth component, "BT connected" and the
DOCK indicator appears in the front panel display.
• When you press 7 ENTER, the connected Bluetooth adapter
searches and connect to the last connected Bluetooth
component. If the Bluetooth adapter cannot find the Bluetooth
component, "Not found" appears in the front panel display.
• To disconnect the Bluetooth adapter from the Bluetooth
component, press 8 RETURN.


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