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Bosch CPS21T Connectivity Manual

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Motive power and control technology
CPS21T Control Panel
Connectivity Manual



  Summary of Contents for Bosch CPS21T

  • Page 1 Motive power and control technology Industrial-PC CPS21T Control Panel Connectivity Manual Edition...
  • Page 2 CPS21T Control Panel Connectivity Manual 1070 073 826-101 (01.10) GB 2001 by Robert Bosch GmbH, Erbach / Germany All rights reserved, including applications for protective rights. Reproduction or distribution by any means subject to our prior written permission. Discretionary charge 6.–...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ....... . 6–2 Supply and distribution circuit board (only CPS21T with keypad) 6–4 LVDS video signal interface .
  • Page 4 Contents Ordering Numbers ......8–1 Control panels ......... . 8–1 Accessories .
  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    Safety Instructions 1–1 Safety Instructions Before you start working with the CPS21T control panel, we recommend that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the contents of this manual. Keep this manual in a place where it is always accessible to all users.
  • Page 6: Qualified Personnel

    Safety Instructions 1–2 Qualified personnel The requirements as to qualified personnel depend on the qualification profi- les described by ZVEI (Zentralverband Elektrotechnik und Elektronikindu- strie – German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association) and the VDMA (Verband deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau – German En- gineering Federation) in: Weiterbildung in der Automatisierungstechnik edited by: ZVEI and VDMA...
  • Page 7: Safety Markings On Products

    Safety Instructions 1–3 Safety markings on products Warning of dangerous electrical voltage! Electrostatically sensitive components! Lug for connecting PE conductor only! Connection of shield conductor only Disconnect mains power before opening! 1070 073 826-101 (01.10) GB...
  • Page 8: Safety Instructions In This Manual

    Safety Instructions 1–4 Safety instructions in this manual DANGEROUS ELECTRICAL VOLTAGE This symbol is used to warn of a dangerous electrical voltage. The fai- lure to observe the instructions in this manual in whole or in part may result in personal injury. DANGER This symbol is used wherever insufficient or lacking compliance with in- structions may result in personal injury.
  • Page 9: Safety Instructions For The Described Product

    Measuring or test activities on the live system are reserved to quali- fied electrical personnel! CAUTION Use only spare parts approved by Bosch! CAUTION Danger to the module! All ESD protection measures must be observed when using the module! Prevent electrostatic discharges! 1070 073 826-101 (01.10) GB...
  • Page 10 Safety Instructions 1–6 The following protective measures must be observed for modules and com- ponents sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD)! D Personnel responsible for storage, transport, and handling must have training in ESD protection. D ESD-sensitive components must be stored and transported in the pre- scribed protective packaging.
  • Page 11: Documentation, Software Release And Trademarks

    Upon delivery, all installed software is copyright-protected. The software may only be reproduced with the approval of Bosch or in accordance with the license agreement of the respective manufacturer. MS-DOSr and Windowst are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corpo- ration.
  • Page 12 Safety Instructions 1–8 Notes: 1070 073 826-101 (01.10) GB...
  • Page 13: System Overview Control Panels

    D Visualization / display unit for control unit processes D Input terminals for industrial control units They are used in conjunction with the Bosch Industry PC “IPC 300”. The connection of the CPS21T to the PCs of other manufacturers is not possible. CPS21T with keypad (front view)
  • Page 14: Variations

    The control panels are available in a screen size with or without control devi- ces: D CPS21T with keypad with 15” touch screen flat display, keypad (3 con- trol devices) and navigation keys D CPS21T without keypad with 15” touch screen flat display without key-...
  • Page 15: Components

    Temperature fluctuations of up to 3°C per minute are permitted. CAUTION Excessive operating temperature! Do not expose the housing of the CPS21T to direct sunlight or other sources of heat radiation! Relative humidity Climate class 3K3, as per EN 60529; condensation not permitted.
  • Page 16: Standards Compatibility

    System overview control panels 2–4 Protection category D CPS21T: front cover IP65, otherwise IP54 Sheet metal housing(inside) IP00 Resistance Resistance to abrasion and resistance of all surfaces against mediums like: D Solvent naphtha (CH20V3) D n-Heptane D Test oil (VS15665)
  • Page 17: Display And Operating Elements

    CPS21T with Gigabit interface The display of the control panel CPS21T is produced via 2 lines with the Bosch IPC300 via the Gigabit interface LCD and via the power supply con- nection X33 (refer to section 6).
  • Page 18: Touch Screen Controller

    Display and operating elements 3–2 To change display resolutions, switches 1 through 8 on the externally acces- sible S1 DIP switch can be set as follows: D 1024 x 768 pixels (factory setting (IPC300) in IPC300) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Touch screen controller All control panels are supplied with a touch screen controller.
  • Page 19: Backlight Timer Function

    Display and operating elements 3–3 Backlight timer function The fluorescent backlight tube provides the background lighting for the TFT display. After approx. 40,000 operating hours, the tube will produce only 50% of its original brightness since it has a limited service life. Refer to Sec- tion 7.2 for information about replacing the backlight unit.
  • Page 20: Navigation Keys (Only Cps21T With Keypad)

    Display and operating elements 3–4 Navigation keys (only CPS21T with keypad) D 2 x 3 Navigation keys (membrane keys) vertically on the right and left side of the display in the handle bars. Designation: none right and left handle bar...
  • Page 21: Keyboard Controller

    Display and operating elements 3–5 Keyboard controller For many industrial applications it is important to determine the key status (pressed/not pressed, key LED ON/OFF) of the front panel keyboard. For this, a keyboard controller or an external keyboard scans the front panel keys and transfers the key codes, switch positions etc.
  • Page 22 – – – Rafix 16 – (STOP) – – – – – Rafix 16 – (EMER- GENCY- STOP) The control devices S64, S65, S66, S09 to S14 are included only in the CPS21T Version M. 1070 073 826-101 (01.10) GB...
  • Page 23: User-Defined Assignment Of The Key Codes

    (Setting on the (IPC300) IPC300): Download for key controller 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 via COM 3) Customer-specific key codes can be downloaded on request and after arrangement is made by Bosch Erbach. 1070 073 826-101 (01.10) GB...
  • Page 24 Display and operating elements 3–8 Notes: 1070 073 826-101 (01.10) GB...
  • Page 25: Installation

    Installation 4–1 Installation With respect to installation, observe the information about applicable stan- dards and operating conditions in Sections 2.4 and 2.3. CAUTION Conditions hazardous to the product! The ambient air must be free of electrically conductive pollutants (e.g., acids, alkali, corrosives, salts, metallic vapors, etc.).
  • Page 26: Installed Positions And Clearances

    Remember that the front of the control panel may become dirty more quickly if installed at an angle, instead of being installed vertically. CAUTION Excessive operating temperature! Do not expose the housing of the CPS21T to direct sunlight or other sources of heat radiation! CPS21T Stud connection Minimum 100 mm all–round...
  • Page 27: Dimensioned Drawings

    D Allow for connecting loops in all cable routings; provide strain relief for all cables. D Maintain suitably large distances from sources of interference. D Use only silicon free sealing compounds, adhesives and insulating agents. Dimensioned drawings CPS21T with keypad Side view Rear view Aluminum housing with cooling gill 127.6 Top view 382.4...
  • Page 28 Installation 4–4 CPS21T without keypad Side view Rear view Aluminium housing with cooling gill 127.6 Mounting screws Top view 382.4 1070 073 826-101 (01.10) GB...
  • Page 29: Mounting Cps21T With Swivel/Incline Adapter

    Installation 4–5 Mounting CPS21T with swivel/incline adapter The CPS21T is planned for a: D gallows mounting (e.g.bracket system KSE 60) via an adjustable swivel/incline adapter. For this, on the to side of the housing, there is a circular installation opening (∅...
  • Page 30 For the gallows mounting, use the installation opening on the top side of the housing. Pass the cables leading to the CPS21T and to the distribution circuit board (only CPS21T Version M) through the installation opening in the housing co- ver.
  • Page 31: Electrical Connection

    D Required power for the backlight supply Other functions can be found in chapter 6.7. This assumes that the CPS21T control panel is connected to the IPC 300. IPC300 supplies the available voltage of 24 V available via IPC interface X11.
  • Page 32 The 24 V power supply is provided in case of D CPS21T version I directly via X10_1 D CPS21T version M via the X25 connector of the supply and distribution circuit board of the keypad. From X26, the 24 V power supply is connec- ted to the X10_1connector.
  • Page 33 Electrical connection 5–3 24 VDC power for housing fan. CPS21T without keypad: Control panel CPS21T 24 VDC X10_1 Gigabit external X10_2 Fan power CPS21T with keypad: Control panel CPS21T X10_1 Gigabit X10_2 Fan power Supply and distribution circuit board 24 VDC exter-...
  • Page 34: Control Devices

    Electrical connection 5–4 Control devices Pushbutton with lamp socket Pushbutton, clear. Return to home initial position each time it is pressed. 2 break / make contact units; see specifications below. Lamp sockets for lamps with max. 250 VAC/1.2 W rating. Specifications Operating voltage: 24 VDC / 2.75 A...
  • Page 35: Interfaces

    Interfaces 6–1 Interfaces The ports and connectors are situated in the rear housing of the control pa- nels. Overview of ports and connectors connector Panel label Connector type, function: Mating connector or type cable (external) Physical Gigabit: Female RJ45 RJ45 connector, 8 Video transmission –...
  • Page 36: Port And Connector Layout

    Interfaces 6–2 Port and connector layout CPS21T with keypad Mouse Housing Side view (from left) External housing X10_1 DC24VIn X10_2 DC24VOut V24Out for fan power supply Side view (from right) 1070 073 826-101 (01.10) GB...
  • Page 37 Interfaces 6–3 CPS21T without keypad Mouse Housing Side view (from left) External housing X10_1 DC24VIn X10_2 DC24VOut V24Out for fan power supply Side view (from right) 1070 073 826-101 (01.10) GB...
  • Page 38: Supply And Distribution Circuit Board (Only Cps21T With Keypad)

    DANGEROUS ELECTRICAL VOLTAGE Risk to life and considerable material damage due to faulty or not professionally installed EMERGENCY-STOP circuit! Also integrate the EMERGENCY-STOP button of the CPS21T with the keypad in the EMERGENCY-STOP circuit! 1070 073 826-101 (01.10) GB...
  • Page 39 Interfaces 6–5 Assignment Supply and distribution circuit board Connection EMERGENCY- STOP (lamp not connected) Connection STOP key (lamp not connected) 24VOut Bit1 24VOut Bit2 24VOut Bit3 Distributor 24VOut Bit4 Keys 24VOut Bit5 Codes 24VOut Bit6 24VOut Bit7 24VOut Bit8 24VOut Bit1 24VOut Bit2 24VOut Bit3 Internal con-...
  • Page 40 Interfaces 6–6 Overview of connections in the CPS21T with keypad ex works: Power supply (24 VDC) with cable X10_1 power supply (24 VDC) with cable X10_2 24VOut Supply and X25 connector X26 to X10_1 (24 distribution power supply VDC) connector...
  • Page 41: Lvds Video Signal Interface

    Interfaces 6–7 LVDS video signal interface Gigabit interface The Gigabit interface simultaneously handles the transfer of video signals and control communications for the touch screen controller (RS-422). On the IPC300 the controller signals are internally connected to COM2. The Gigabit interface has been specifically designed for longer transmission routes and interference free transmission, and can only be connected to the Gigabit interface on the IPC300.
  • Page 42: Keyboard Connector

    The use of the Gigabit repeater extends the reach of required connections between the IPC300 and CPS21T (LCD and X33) by 15 m per repeater, to a maximum of 75 meters achieved with 4 repeaters. Installs via M4 press in nuts.
  • Page 43 Interfaces 6–9 Female PS/2 mini DIN, 6 pin Cable length: Max. 1.5 m Cable type: Screened, min. cross-section 0.14 mm max. 1.5 m Keyboard Data Keyboard Keyboard Clock Screen Screen applied to metal shell of DIN plug connector 1070 073 826-101 (01.10) GB...
  • Page 44 Interfaces 6–10 Keyboard adapter In the event that the MF2 keyboard is equipped with a standard 5 pin DIN plug, you will require a keyboard plug adapter to a female PS/2 Mini DIN con- nector. A suitable adapter is approx. 20 cm in length with a DIN connector and a mini DIN coupling on the ends.
  • Page 45: Mouse Port

    A mouse with PS/2 mini DIN connector can be connected to this port. CAUTION An external mouse is to be connected at the CPS21T when the con- trol panel is connected to a IPC 300. No mouse may then be connec- ted at the interface “Mouse”...
  • Page 46: X33 Power Supply Input

    Interfaces 6–12 X33 power supply input 24 V power supply, backlight power supply, mouse and keyboard si- gnals, keyboard controller download The X33 power supply connection is connected to X11 on the IPC 300. It en- sures a faultless operation of the control panel with the connected compo- nents, even over an extended distance (15 m).
  • Page 47: 24 Vout-Interface

    Interfaces 6–13 24 VOut-interface 24 VOut output key codes The key codes of the navigation keys on the front panel are passed on to the outputs of the 24 VOut-interface. From there, they can be read through an external input link for further processing. Weidmüller lock terminal, 8 pin.
  • Page 48 Interfaces 6–14 Notes: 1070 073 826-101 (01.10) GB...
  • Page 49: Maintenance And Replacement

    Maintenance and replacement 7–1 Maintenance and replacement The control panel CPS21T is maintenance-free. However, some compo- nents are subject to wear and must be replaced. Maintenance schedule Include the following tasks in your maintenance schedule D Clean the surface of the screen at least once a week with an anti static cloth or window cleaning agent containing denatured alcohol.
  • Page 50: Replacing The Backlight And Display

    2. Loosen the mounting screws on the housing cover. Remove the housing frame with the display unit from the housing cover. 3. Loosen the front panel from the CPS21T housing frame (refer to the illu- stration on page 7–2). 4. After loosening the cover retaining screws, you can open the cover of the sheet metal housing on the rear of the control panel (refer to the illustra- tion on page 7–2).
  • Page 51 Maintenance and replacement 7–3 6. Loosen/remove the retaining screws for the display, disconnect the back- light from the mount, and replace it with a new one. CAUTION Use only the same type of displays! Ensure that the backlight is compatible with the display! 7.
  • Page 52 Maintenance and replacement 7–4 Notes: 1070 073 826-101 (01.10) GB...
  • Page 53 Ordering Numbers 8–1 Ordering Numbers Control panels Designation Order no. CPS21T with keypad Touchscreen 15 in. TFT, 1070 083 221 with navigation keys and keypad (w/o connecting cables) CPS21T without keypad Touchscreen 15 in. TFT, 1070 085 399 without navigation keys...
  • Page 54 Ordering Numbers 8–2 Notes: 1070 073 826-101 (01.10) GB...
  • Page 55 LVDS video signals, 6–7 connecting cables, 8–1 overview, 6–1 control devices, 5–4 Position, 6–2 Keypad, 3–4 PS/2 keyboard connector, 6–8 CPS21T PS/2 mouse port, 6–11 with keypad, 2–2 Supply and distribution circuit board, 6–4 without keypad, 2–2 X33, 6–12 display, touch screen, 3–1 Keyboard TFT display, display resolution, 3–1, 6–8...
  • Page 56 Appendix A–2 Protection Category, 2–4 PS/2 keyboard port, 6–8 PS/2 mini DIN to MF2 keyboard adapter, 6–10 PS/2 mouse port, 6–11 Qualified personnel, 1–2 relative humidity, 2–3 replacements Backlight, 7–2 display, 7–2 hardware components, 7–2 Resistance, 2–4 Safety instructions, 1–4 Safety markings, 1–3 Spare parts, 1–5 Standard operation, 1–1...
  • Page 57 A–1 Bosch Automation Technology Australia Great Britain Robert Bosch (Australia) Pty. Ltd. Robert Bosch Limited Robert Bosch Corporation Head Office Automation Technology Division Automation Technology Division Cnr. Centre - McNaughton Roads Meridian South Meridian Business Park Fluid Power Products P.O. Box 66...

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