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Operation - Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 105 Operator's Manual

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Historical fault and information
messages can be read in this
menu. For some of the most
common fault messages, there are
tips and advice to help you rectify
the fault.
Weather timer
Applicable for Automower
This function allows the product to
automatically adjust its mowing
times based on how much the
lawn grows. When the weather is
good for grass growth, the product
mows more often and when grass
growth is low the product
automatically spends less time on
the lawn.
This menu function is used to
customize the installation. For
many work areas there is no need
to alter the factory settings, but
depending on the lawn complexity
the mowing result can be
4.1 To switch on, stop and switch off
the product
The product can only start if it is switched
on and the correct PIN code has been
entered. To switch on the Automower
305, push the ON/OFF button for 3
seconds and check that the indicator
lamp is lit. To switch on all other models,
set the main switch to
To stop to product, push the STOP button
on top of the product. The product stops
and the blade motor stops.
To switch off Automower
ON/OFF button for 3 seconds and check

18 - Operation

4 Operation
4.2 Operating mode Automower
Push the Operation selection button 1-3 times
to select an operating mode. You can select
between 3 different operating modes.
1 .
305, push the
improved by making manual
This selection allows you to make
changes to the general product
settings such as date and time.
You can also switch on/off
mode and Spiral cutting , or save
your settings in different
420/430X/440/450X only).
Husqvarna recommends to let
ECO mode be switched on to save
energy and avoid interference with
other equipment.
Applicable for Automower
This menu handles the settings for
the product accessories, for
examples Automower
Contact your local Husqvarna
representative for information on
what accessories are available for
your product.
that the indicator lamp is not lit. To switch
off all other models, the main switch is set
0 .
HOME . Sends the product to the charging
station. It remains here until another
operation mode is selected. When the
battery is fully charged, the product will
not leave the charging station and begin
1418 - 001 - 04.12.2019
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Table of Contents