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Siemens CS1140 Commissioning

Fire detection system. commissioning 'en12094-1 compliant single-area extinguishing system'
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Manual - 250 pages
Planning - 124 pages
Commissioning - 112 pages


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Fire detection system
'EN12094 1 compliant
single area extinguishing
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  Summary of Contents for Siemens CS1140

  • Page 1 CS1140 Fire detection system Commissioning 'EN12094 1 compliant single area extinguishing system' EP7F Building Technologies Control Products and Systems...
  • Page 2 Technical specifications and availability subject to change without notice. © 2006-2013 Copyrigth Siemens Switzerland Ltd We reserve all rights in this document and in the subject thereof. By acceptance of the document the recipient acknowledges these rights and undertakes not to publish the document nor the subject thereof in full or in part, nor to make them available to any third party without our...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    About this document ................5 Safety regulations ................7 Signal words and symbols ..............7 2.1.1 Classification and meaning of signal words ..........7 2.1.2 Symbols and their meaning ..............7 2.1.3 Classification and meaning of additional symbols ........8 Safety-relevant working instructions ............8 Procedure ................... 10 Preparation of hardware ..............
  • Page 4 Building Technologies 009853_b_en_-- Fire Safety 01.2013...
  • Page 5: About This Document

    About this document Purpose of the document This document describes the commissioning of the hardware modules of the con- trol units CS1140 with extinguishing section. The consistent observance of the in- structions ensures a trouble-free and safe application. Scope This document contains information valid for the software variant EP7F Z2.
  • Page 6 02.2013 B3Q681/686 added 009853_a_en_-- 10.2006 First edition Training Siemens offers the training required for all products. Information about courses is available on the Siemens Intranet. Download Current documentation is available on the Siemens Intranet Abbreviations Product Support Platform Building Technologies...
  • Page 7: Safety Regulations

    Safety regulations Safety regulations This chapter describes the danger levels and the relevant safety regulations appli- cable for the use of our products. Please read the work instructions as well as the chapter 'About this document' before beginning any work. Signal words and symbols 2.1.1 Classification and meaning of signal words...
  • Page 8: Classification And Meaning Of Additional Symbols

    Safety regulations 2.1.3 Classification and meaning of additional symbols Tips and information Refers to extremely important or critical decisions to be taken into account before continuing the work. Safety-relevant working instructions Country-specific standards The products are developed and produced in compliance with the relevant Euro- pean safety standards.
  • Page 9 Safety regulations Testing the product operability Evacuate and cordon off the extinguishing sector. Inform people about the possibility of fogging and noise. Inform people before testing alarm devices; take the possibility of panic reac- tions into account. Inform the alarm and fault receiving stations connected to the system before car- rying out the tests.
  • Page 10: Procedure

    Procedure Procedure Step Detail informatiton chapter 1. Preparation of electronic modules Set switch and resistors on E3G080 Set switches and resistors on B3Q440 Insert inscription strips 2. Initial switch-on First set switch 'S1' on the E3G080 to 'ON' Note: 'S1' > 'ON' = hardware and software blocking of all E3G080 outputs 3.
  • Page 11: Preparation Of Hardware

    Preparation of hardware Preparation of hardware Control module 'Extinguishing' E3G080 Pos. Component Preparation Default Programming switch 'S3': I-Bus address set according to system documentation Address 0 Programming switch 'S2': Determine emergen- set according to system documentation all switches to on 'ON' cy operation concept S2-1/2 >...
  • Page 12: Operating Unit 'Extinguishing' B3Q440

    Preparation of hardware Operating unit 'Extinguishing' B3Q440 Pos. Component Preparation Default Inscription strips insert no insert > delivered with strips in 'english' for operating unit 'extinguishing B3Q440 and AlgoPilot, or to be created with Word template DOT (document 006516) Programming switch 'S3': Equipment set according to system documentation Adress 1 ('OFF') address...
  • Page 13: Calibration On E3G080

    Calibration on E3G080 Calibration on E3G080 Each output and each input is controlled and set accordingly. In doing so, the re- lays for the valve actuation are blocked by both the hardware and software; the valves can no longer be activated. The illuminated warning panel and the horn are blocked by the software only.
  • Page 14: Status Indication On E3G080

    Calibration on E3G080 5.2.1 Status indication on E3G080 Each pending fault signal is visible approx. 4 sec. (sequential display) Function In-/Output De-activated Short circuit Open line 'H1' 'H2' 'H3' 'H4' Sector valve delayed Main valve non-delayed Horn Illuminated warning panel Manual actuation continuously on rapid flashing...
  • Page 15: User Function

    User function User function Notes for parameterization 'Extinguishing' (E3G080) via AlgoWorks B3Q440 Automatic Fire detector release activated blocked Manual release Evacuation blocked Extinguishing Switch off sounder released Switch off Fault warning panel Emergency stop / Extinguishing agent mech. blocked Blocking button Loss of extinguishing System ON agent...
  • Page 16 User function Deactivating and running mode of warning panel – active until reset > continuous on warning panel activated according to – active until reset > flashing programming continuous on until switch off via 'B3Q440' – flashing until switch off via 'B3Q440' –...
  • Page 17: Performance Checks

    Performance checks Performance checks Performance check in 'Normal operating condition' Inscription depending on programming B3Q440 Automatic Fire detector Evacuation release activated blocked Manual Extinguishing Evacuation release released blocked Automatic Extinguishing Switch off release blocked sounder released Manual In order that the combined indicators Switch off release blocked Fault...
  • Page 18: Individual Control Functions

    Performance checks Individual control functions Control functions Comment Check evacuation time Dependent on parameterization must correspond to the parameterized tim Check alarm horn switch-off function Dependent on parameterization may only be possible either from the operating unit extinguishing 'B3Q440' or the operating unit extinguishing 'B3Q440' and AlgoPilot 'CT11' Switch-off must always be possible except during the 'Evacuation' Check whether alarm horn cannot be switched off during 'Evacuation'...
  • Page 19: Overview Of Operating Functions

    Overview of operating functions Overview of operating functions Functions 'Extinguishing control -> Revision' and 'Extinguishing control -> Test' Function Purpose achieved blocked Extinguishing control - Permits activation of sequence of func- via AlgoPilot 'CT11' Valves > REVISION tions without horn, illuminated warning via switch 'S1' on E3G080 Illuminated warning panel panel and valves ('active' status visible...
  • Page 20: Ce Identification

    CE identification CE identification The installation plate Extinguishing is enclosed with the control plug in module Ex- tinguishing E3G080. It must be completed with a water proof marker and must be applied directly next to the installation plate of the fire control panel. Additional installation plates Extinguishing can be ordered with the item no.
  • Page 21: Error Diagnosis

    Error diagnosis Error diagnosis All faults at the inputs/outputs of the E3G080 are individually displayed at the AlgoPilot. For each of the 4 outputs an LED is provided on the E3G080 for error di- agnosis (see chapter 4.2). Separate LEDs are not provided for the inputs, but a special mode enables the identification of each faulty or deactivated input and output.
  • Page 22: Identification Of Fault At The E3G080

    Error diagnosis 10.2 Identification of fault at the E3G080 NOTES Functions only when a fault is pending Vorgehen: 1. If fault, set switch 'S1' (E3G080) to 'ON' 2. Press key 'S4' (E3G080) once 3. LED H1,H3 and H2,H4 flash in push-pull circuit for approx. 3 sec. 4.
  • Page 23 Error diagnosis Building Technologies 009853_b_en_-- Fire Safety 01.2013...
  • Page 24 Issued by © 2006-2013 Copyright Siemens Switzerland Ltd Siemens Switzerland Ltd Technical specifications and availability subject to change without notice. Infrastructure & Cities Sector Building Technologies Division International Headquarters Gubelstrasse 22 CH-6301 Zug Tel. +41 41 - 724 24 24