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Spark Plug - Craftsman 247.77635 Operator's Manual

7.5 horse power
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Table of Contents
Lift air cleaner assembly (air cleaner cartridge and
precleaner) off stud.
Push clean (or new) air cleaner assembly onto
stud. Air cleaner must fit securely on base.
Push cover squarely onto base and tighten knob.
NOTE: Clean pre-cleaner every few hours under
extremely dusty conditions. To clean pre-cleaner,
separate it from cartridge and wash in liquid detergent
and water. Air dry thoroughly. Do not oil pre-cleaner.
Re-assemble dry pre-cleaner onto clean
cartridge.Replace the air cleaner cartridge once a
Do not use pressurized air or solvents to
clean cartridge. Pressurized air can damage cartridge.
Solvents will dissolve cartridge.
Cleaning Engine
Promptly wipe off any fuel or oil spilled on the
machine with clean cloth.
Using a brush or cloth, remove debris from the
finger guard on the engine daily to prevent
overheating of the engine. Do not use water to
clean engine parts. Water could contaminate the
fuel system.
Keep the throttle linkage, springs and controls free
of debris.
Clean muffler area and remove any debris before
operating the unit.

Spark Plug

Clean area around the spark plug base.
Remove and inspect the spark plug.
Replace the spark plug if electrodes are pitted,
burned, or the porcelain is cracked. See Figure 15.
Clean the spark plug and reset the gap to.030" at
least once a season or every 100 hours of
operation. See Figure 15. Replace if necessary.
Refer to parts list section for part number.
NOTE: Do not sandblast spark plug. Spark plug should
be cleaned by scraping or wire brushing and washing
with a commercial solvent.
.030" (0.76 mm)
Figure 15
Changing Oil
To drain oil from the engine's crankcase, proceed as
Run the engine for a few minutes to allow the oil to
warm up. Warm oil flows more easily and will carry
away more impurities when draining oil.
Position the chipper shredder on level surface and
place an appropriate receptacle with a capacity of
at least one quart beneath the oil drain tube. See
Figure 16.
Oil Dipstick
Oil Drain Tube
Remove the oil dipstick.
Use a 3/8" wrench to unthread the oil plug from the
drain tube, allowing the used oil to flow out.
Replace the oil plug and add 20 oz. of new oil
(Refer to Page 9 for proper oil type). Do NOT
Replace dipstick and check oil level (Refer to Page
Figure 16

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Table of Contents

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