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Troubleshooting - Craftsman 247.77635 Operator's Manual

7.5 horse power
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Table of Contents
Engine fails to start
Engine runs erratic
Too much vibration
Engine overheats
Occasional skip
(hesitates) at high
Unit does not
Rate of discharge
slows considerably or
composition of
discharged material
NOTE: For repairs beyond the minor adjustments listed above, please contact your local Sears Service Center.


1. Spark plug wire disconnected.
2. Fuel tank empty or stale fuel.
3. Throttle control lever not in
correct starting position.
4. Choke not in CHOKE position.
5. Engine not primed.
6. Blocked fuel system.
7. Faulty spark plug.
1. Spark plug wire loose.
2. Unit running on CHOKE.
3. Dirt in fuel system
4. Stale fuel.
5. Dirty air cleaner.
6. Carburetor out of adjustment.
1. Loose parts or damaged
2. Blade(s) damaged or not
properly sharpened.
1. Engine oil level low.
2. Dirty air cleaner.
3. Carburetor not adjusted
1. Spark plug gap too narrow.
1. Chute deflector clogged.
2. Foreign object lodged in
reduction chamber.
3. Low engine RPM.
1. Low engine RPM.
2. Chipper blades or shredder
blade dull.
1. Connect wire to spark plug.
2. Fill tank with clean, fresh gasoline.
3. Move throttle lever to FAST position.
4. Move choke to CHOKE position.
5. Prime engine.
6. See Sears Service Center to have fuel
system cleaned.
7. Clean, adjust gap, or replace.
1. Connect and tighten spark plug wire.
2. Move choke lever to OFF position.
3. See Sears Service Center to have fuel
system cleaned.
4. See Sears Service Center to have fuel
system cleaned. Fill tank with clean, fresh
5. Clean or replace air cleaner.
6. See authorized service dealer.
1. See Sears Service Center.
2. Replace or sharpen blade(s).
1. Fill crankcase with proper oil.
2. Clean or replace air cleaner.
3. See Sears Service Center.
1. Adjust gap to.030" (0.76 mm)
1. Stop engine immediately and disconnect
spark plug wire. Clean shredder screen and
inside of discharge opening.
2. Stop engine and disconnect spark plug wire.
Remove lodged object.
3. Always run engine at full throttle.
1. Always run engine with the throttle in the
FAST position.
2. Replace blades or see your Sears Service

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Table of Contents

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