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Carburetor Adjustment - Craftsman 247.77635 Operator's Manual

7.5 horse power
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Remove the two flange nuts (and hex bolts) which
secure the hopper support bracket to the impeller
housing. Retain the hardware. See Figure 19.
Figure 19
Pivot the shredder screen upward as instructed
under the heading Cleaning the Reduction
Remove the six flange nuts which secure the
hopper inlet guide to the impeller housing. See
Figure 20.
chute deflector
Hex Screws
Weld Studs
Figure 20
Carefully separate the hopper assembly from the
impeller housing and set it aside.
Flange Nuts
Hex Bolt, Lock Washer
& Flat Washer
Insert a piece of wood into the chute deflector
opening to stabilize the impeller and prevent it from
rotating when removing the shredder blade.
Remove the two internal hex screws which secure
the shredder blade to the impeller. See Figure 20.
NOTE: Use a 3/16" hex key (Allen) wrench on the
outside of the shredder blade and a 1/2" box (or socket)
wrench on the inside of the shredder blade. See Figure
20. Hold the Allen wrench stationary and rotate the box
(or socket) wrench to loosen the nut.
Remove the hex bolt, lock washer, and flat washer
to completely free the shredder blade.
If sharpening the blade for reuse, follow
the original angle of grind as a guide. It is extremely
important that each cutting edge receives an equal
amount of grinding to prevent an unbalanced blade.
An unbalanced blade will cause excessive vibration
when rotating at high speeds and may cause damage
to the unit. The blade can be tested for balance by
inserting a screwdriver through its center hole. Remove
metal from the heavy side until it is balanced evenly.
When reassembling the blade, tighten
center bolt to between 45 ft.-lbs and 60 ft.-lbs and the
two out bolts to between 20 ft.-lbs and 25 ft.-lbs.

Carburetor Adjustment

The carburetor on this engine is low emission. It is
equipped with a non-adjustable idle mixture valve and
governed idle. Governed idle and top speed have been
set at the factory. If adjustment is required, see a Sears
Service Center.
NOTE: Engines operated at about 3000 to 5000 feet
(900 to 1500 meters) above sea level may require a
high altitude carburetor nozzle. If erratic performance is
observed, contact a Sears Service Center for cost to
install/purchase a high altitude carburetor nozzle, if

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Table of Contents

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