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Service And Adjustments; The Engine - Craftsman 247.77635 Operator's Manual

7.5 horse power
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disconnect spark plug wire and keep away
from spark plug, before performing any
service or adjustments on your machine.
Disconnecting Spark Plug
area will be hot if the engine has been
running. Use caution and protect your hands if
working near the muffler.
Locate the spark plug wire between the muffler and air
cleaner. See Figure 17.
Air Cleaner
Figure 17
Disconnect the spark plug wire by gently pulling the
rubber boot from the spark plug. Keep the wire away
from spark plug while servicing your chipper shredder
to prevent accidental starting of the engine.
Replacing the Chipper Blades
are sharp. Wear leather work gloves to
protect your hands.
Stop the engine and make certain the chipper
shredder has come to a complete stop.
Disconnect spark plug wire and keep away from
spark plug.
Pivot the shredder screen upward as instructed
under the heading Cleaning the Reduction
Remove the chipper chute support brace from the
frame by removing the two hex bolts and saddle
washers which secure it. See Figure 18.


Always stop engine,
The muffler and surrounding
Spark Plug Wire
The impeller's chipper blades
Chipper Blade
Support Brace
Hex Bolts &
Saddle Washers
Remove the chipper chute by removing three hex
nuts and washers which secure it to the impeller
housing. See Figure 18.
Rotate the impeller by hand until one of the two
chipper blades is visible through the impeller
housing opening.
Remove the blade by removing the internal hex
screws, lock washers and hex nuts which secure it
to the impeller. Retain the hardware.
NOTE: Use a 3/16" hex key (Allen) wrench on the
outside of the blade and a 1/2" box (or socket) wrench
on the inside of the impeller. See Figure 18. Hold the
Allen wrench stationary and rotate the box (or socket)
wrench to loosen the nut.
Install a replacement blade (Part No. 742-0544)
with the hardware removed earlier.
Make certain blades are reassembled with
the sharp edge outward (toward the chipper chute).
Torque hardware to between 20 ft.-lbs and 25 ft.-lbs.
To replace the other blade, rotate the impeller to
expose the second blade and repeat the steps
Replacing the Shredder Blade
are sharp. Wear leather work gloves to
protect your hands.
Stop the engine and make certain that all moving
parts have come to a complete stop.
Lock Washer & Nut
Hex Screw
Figure 18
The impeller's chipper blades

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Table of Contents

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