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Craftsman 247.77635 Operator's Manual page 10

7.5 horse power
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Tighten the dipstick before removing it and check
the oil fill level. See Figure 8.
NOTE: Do not allow the dipstick to rub along the inside
walls of the oil fill tube when removing it. Doing so may
result in a false dipstick reading.
Check oil level three times prior to starting engine to
be certain you've gotten an accurate dipstick
Running the engine with too little oil can
result in permanent engine damage.
Type of Fuel
Use clean, fresh, regular unleaded gasoline with a
minimum of 85 octane. Fresh fuel prevents gum
from forming in the fuel system or on essential
carburetor parts. Purchase fuel in quantity that can
be used within 30 days.
Do not use gasoline which contains Methanol.
Do not mix oil with gasoline.
Your chipper shredder's engine is certified to
operate on gasoline. Exhaust Emission Control
System: EM (Engine Modifications).
NOTE: Some fuels, called oxygenated or reformulated
gasoline, are gasoline blended with alcohols or ethers.
Excessive amounts of these blends can damage the
fuel system or cause performance problems. If any
undesirable operating symptoms occur, use gasoline
with a lower percentage of alcohol or ether.
Fuel Fill-up
Remove fuel cap from the fuel tank.
Make sure the container from which you will pour
the gasoline is clean and free from rust or foreign
particles. Never use gasoline that may be stale
from long periods of storage in its container.
Gasoline that has been sitting for any period longer
than four weeks is considered stale.
The fuel tank has a capacity of three (3) quarts. Fill
fuel tank with clean, fresh, unleaded regular,
unleaded premium or reformulated automotive
gasoline only.
Replace fuel cap.
Figure 8
To avoid engine problems, the fuel system should
be emptied before storage for 30 days or longer.
Drain the gas tank, start the engine and let it run
until the fuel lines and carburetor are empty. Use
fresh fuel next season. See STORAGE section for
additional information.
handling gasoline. Gasoline is extremely
flammable and the vapors are explosive.
Never fuel machine indoors or while the
engine is hot or running. Extinguish
cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and other sources of
Check the fuel level periodically to avoid running out of
gasoline while operating the chipper shredder. If the
unit runs out of gas while operating, it may be
necessary to unclog the unit before it can be restarted.
Starting Engine
area will be hot if the engine has been
running. Use caution and protect your hands if
working near the muffler.
If not already attached, attach spark plug wire to
spark plug. Make certain the rubber boot on the end
of the spark plug is snapped securely over the
metal tip on the spark plug. Refer to Figure 9 for
spark plug wire location.
Use extreme care when
The muffler and surrounding
Spark Plug Wire
Figure 9

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Table of Contents

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