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Craftsman 1450 Series Operator's Manual

Craftsman 1450 Series Operator's Manual

1450 series engine chipper shredder


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1450 Series Engine
Model No. 247.77638
For questions,
read this
and follow
and operating
. ES PAI'i, IO L
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179, U.S.A.
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Summary of Contents for Craftsman 1450 Series

  • Page 1 Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman using Estates, Visit our web site: ,, SAFETY * ASSEMBLY * OPERATION * MAINTENANCE * PARTS LIST . ES PAI'i, IO L IL 60179, U.S.A. FORM1/O.769-05040...
  • Page 2 8-11 Repair P rotection A greement ... Page 34 es 12-13 Espa_ol ... es 14-17 Service Numbers ..CRAFTSMAN FULLWARRANTY Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 Model Number... Serial Number ... Dateof Purchase... Page19 Page 20-30...
  • Page 3 This symbolpointsout importantsafetyinstructionswhich,if not followed,couldendangerthe personalsafetyand/orpropertyof yourselfand others. Readand followall instructionsin this manual beforeattemptingto operatethis machine.Failureto complywith these instructionsmay resultin personalinjury.Whenyou seethis symbol,HEEDITS WARNING! CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION EngineExhaust,someof its constituents,and certainvehicle componentscontainor emit chemicalsknownto Stateof California to cause cancerand birthdefects or other reproductive harm. TRAINING •...
  • Page 4 • Keepall guards,deflectorsand safetydevicesin placeand operatingproperly. • Keepyourface and bodyback and to the sideof the chipper chute whilefeedingmaterialintothe machineto avoidaccidental kickbackinjuries. • Neveroperatethis machinewithoutgoodvisibility or light. • Donot operatethis machineon a paved,gravelor non-level surface.
  • Page 5 • Maintainor replacesafetyand instructionlabels,as necessary. Followthis manualfor safe loading,unloading,transporting,and storageof this machine. Neverstorethe machineor fuel containerinsidewherethereis an open flame,spark or pilot lightsuch as a waterheater,furnace, clothesdryer,etc. Allowmachineto cool at least 5 minutesbeforestoring. • Alwaysreferto the operator'smanualfor properinstructionson off-seasonstorage. • If thefuel tank hasto be drained,do this outdoors. •...
  • Page 6 SAFETY SYMBOLS This pagedepictsand describessafetysymbolsthat mayappear on this product. Read,understand,and followall instructionson the machine beforeattemptingto assembleand operate. READ THE OPERATOR'S MANUAL(S) Read, understand, operate WARNING-- Keep hands out of inlet and discharge openings inside • ® BYSTANDERS Keep bystanders, machine WARNING-- Never operate without EYEPROTECTION...
  • Page 7 Keep all shields and guards in place and securely attached. Keep hands, feet, face, clothing and long hair out of Shredder Hopper, Chipper Chute and Discharge Chute while the engine is running. Rotating cutting blades inside these openings will cause...
  • Page 8 IMPORTANT: T his unit isshippedwithoutgasolineor oil inthe engine. Be certain to serviceenginewithgasolineand oil as instructed in the Operationsectionof this manualbeforeoperatingyourmachine. NOTE:Referenceto rightand left hand sideof the ChipperShredder isobservedfrom the operatingposition. OPENING CARTON Cut eachcornerof the cartonverticallyfromtop to bottom. Removeall looseparts. Removeloosepackingmaterial.
  • Page 9 B. Placesecondspaceroverhex boltinsideotherhinge and securewith hex lock nut. C. Securebothsides of chutedeflectorto impellerhousingusing wing knobspreviouslyremoved. ATTACHING THE CHIPPER A. Removethe threecuppedwashersand hex nutsfrom weld studsaroundthe openingon the sideof the impellerhousing. See Figure5. B. Removethe hexbolts,flat washers,and lock nuts fromthe two holeson the upperend of the supportbrace.
  • Page 10 Figure7. B. Tightenthe bolts securingthe supportbraceto the frame. C. Tightenthe threenuts on the weld studsholdingthe chipper chuteto the impellerhousing. ATTACHING THE BAG Toattachthe bag: A.
  • Page 11 (small) Chipper Chute Tamper ===--_ Nowthat you haveset up your chippershredderfor operation,get aquaintedwith its controlsand features.Theseare describedbelow and illustratedon this page.This knowledgewillallowyou to useyour newequipmentto its fullestpotential. CHIPPER CHUTE Allowstwigsand small branchesup to 3" in diameterto be fed intothe impellerfor chipping.See Figure9.
  • Page 12 AND OIL FILL-UP Oil (one bottle shipped with unit) FirstTime Use Removeoil fill dipstick. Withthe chippershredderon levelground,usea funnelto empty entirecontentsof oil bottle providedintothe engine. Replaceoil fill dipstickand tighten. Subsequent Uses Onlyuse high qualitydetergentoil ratedwith APIserviceclassification SF,SG,or SH. Selectthe oil'sSAE viscositygradeaccordingto the expectedoperatingtemperature.Followthe chart below.
  • Page 13 NOTE:A noisewill be heardwhenfindingthe startof the compression cycle.This noiseis causedby the flails and fingers,which are partof the shreddingmechanism,and it shouldbe expecteduntilthe impeller reachesfull speed. Pull the ropewith a rapid,continuous,full armstroke.Keepa firm grip on the starterhandle.Letthe rope rewindslowly. Repeat,if necessary,untilenginestarts.Whenenginestarts, movechokecontrolgraduallytowardthe RUNI Jt I position.. If enginefalters,movechokecontrol backtowardthe CHOKE I'o,I positionand repeatsteps5 though8.
  • Page 14 Beforeperforming anytypeof maintenance/service, disengage all controls and stoptheengine.Waituntilall moving partshavecometo a complete stop.Disconnect sparkplugwireandgrounditagainstthe enginetoprevent u nintended starting. A lways wearsafety glassesduring operation or whileperforming anyadjustments o r repairs. EachUse Engineoil level Looseor missinghardware Unit and engine. 1st5 - 8 hours Engineoil 25 hours Engineoill-...
  • Page 15 Servicing the Air Cleaner Do notuse pressurizedair or solventsto cleanthe air cleaner cartridge. Theair cleanerpreventsdamagingdirt, dust,etc.,from enteringthe carburetor and beingforced intothe engineand is importantto engine life and performance. N everrun the enginewithoutan air cleaner completelyassembled. Replacetheair cleanerevery25 hoursof operation. Loosenscrewsthat hold the air filter cover. Opencover and removeair filter.See Figure12.
  • Page 16 4. Reinstall t he screen,makingcertain to reassemblethe flail screen with the curve sidedown. 5. Reattachthechute deflectorwith the hardwarepreviouslyremoved and connectthe bagto unit. SHARPENING OR REPLACING BLADES Disconnectthe sparkplug wireand groundagainstthe engine. Removethe flail screenas instructedin the previoussection. Removethe chipperchute by removingthreehexnuts and washers. CHIPPER...
  • Page 17 Removethechipperchute supportbracefrom the frameby removingthe hexbolts. Rotateimpeller assemblyby handuntil youlocateone of two chipperbladesin thechipperchuteopening. Removetheblade by removingthe internalhex screws,lock washers,and hex nutswhich secureit to the impeller.Retainthe hardware,See Figure15, NOTE:Use a 3/16" hexkey (Allen)wrenchon theoutside of the blade and a 1/2" box(or socket)wrenchon the insideof the impeller.Hold the Allenwrenchstationaryand rotatethe box(or socket)wrenchto loosenthenut.
  • Page 18 Removespark plugand pourapproximately 1 oz. (30 ml) of clean engineoil intothe cylinder.Pull the recoilstarterseveraltimesto distributethe oil, and reinstallthe sparkplug. Cleanengineof surfacedebris. PREPARING THE CHIPPER Whenstoringthe chippershredderin an unventilated or metal storageshed, careshouldbe takento rustproofthe non-painted surfaces.Usinga lightoil or silicone,coat the equipment, especiallyany springs,bearings,and cables.
  • Page 19 Beforeperforming anytypeof maintenance/service, disengage all controls and stoptheengine.Waituntilall moving partshavecometo a complete stop.Disconnect sparkplugwireandgrounditagainstthe engine to prevent u nintended starting. A lwayswearsafety glassesduring operation or whileperforming anyadjustments o r repairs. Enginefails to start Throttlelevernot in correctstartingposition Chokenot in the CHOKEposition Sparkplugwire disconnected Faultyspark plug Fueltank emptyor stale fuel...
  • Page 20 Craftsman Chipper Shredder -- Model No. 247.77638...
  • Page 21 Craftsman Chipper Shredder B IViodel No. 247.77638 936-0217 LockWasher,3/8 914-0149B CotterPin 720-0170 Wing Knob5/16-18 681-0094-0721 ChuteDeflectorAssembly 911-0835 ClevisPin 781-0457-0637 ShredderScreen 926-0211 U-Nut5/16-18 950-0793 Spacer 912-3027 Hex LockNut, 1/4-20 712-3004A Hex LockNut 5/16-18 936-0119 LockWasher5/16 681-0117-0721 InnerImpellerHousingAssembly 710-3025 HexCap Screw5/16-18x.625 710-0157 HexCap Screw5/16-24x .75...
  • Page 22 Craftsman Chipper Shredder B IViodel No. 247.77638...
  • Page 23 Craftsman Chipper Shredder B IViodel No. 247.77638 728-0175 Pop Rivet 753-05094 ChipperShredderChute 735-0249A ChuteFlap 781-0633 ChuteFlapStrip 681-0068A-0637 ChipperChuteAssembly 710-0751 HexCap Screw1/4 -20 x.620 712-04064 Hex LockNut 1/4-20 710-0106 HexCap Screw1/4-20x 1.25 736-0173 FlatWasher.28 ID x .74OD 736-0242 BellWasher.340 ID x .872OD...
  • Page 24 Craftsman Engine Model 204312=0529 110_8OPERATORSMA,0A'] 5o5 _ 615 _) For Chipper Shredder 48S,OmB.OOK I I 1329_EP.AOEMENTENG,NEI 24_j 742 _ Model No. 247.77638 I 13_9_E_A'_A"0A' 529 _, ... " _ 1427 _ 1194 358 ENGINE GASKET SET 1022 718A...
  • Page 25 Craftsman Engine IViodel 204312-0529 For Chipper Shredder IViodel No. 247.77638 1095 VALVE GASKET SET 1O22 _o9 _ 188 (_...
  • Page 26 Craftsman Engine IViodel 204312-0529 117@ 51A( 369 i_ 105 0 1127 _ For Chipper Shredder 3 C:-._ 118 _@ 127 ° 161 I'i _'_s 957 _,." 't_,_- _"s i_72A] IViodel No. 247.77638 121 CARBURETOR OVERHAUL 127 0 51A( _%_..
  • Page 27 Craftsman Engine IViodel 204312=0529 For Chipper Shredder IViodel No. 247.77638 1005 1070 356A 1211...
  • Page 28 Craftsman Engine IViodel 204312=0529 794849 CylinderAssembly 698340 Kit-Bushing/Seal ( MagnetoSide) 391086s. Seal-Oil(MagnetoSide) 794870 Head-Cylinder 694872.+ Gasket-Cylinder H ead 696796 Tube-Breather 694953. Gasket-Crankcase 794829 Screw(CylinderHead) 697757 Plug-OilDrain 794874 Crankshaft 791965 Cover-Crankcase 698340 Kit-Bushing/Seal ( PTOSide) 391086s• Seal-Oil(PTOSide) 281658s Cap-OilFill 794825 Screw(CrankcaseCover/Sump)
  • Page 29 Craftsman Engine IViodel 204312=0529 694867 Spring-Governor ( Red) 695307 Spring-Governed Idle 693578 Gear-Governor 691724 Washer(GovernorGear) 794799 Bracket-Control 694864 Lever-Governor Control 298090s Filter-Fuel 691024 Clamp-Casing 699492 Screw(CasingClamp) 695381 Lever-Control 792008 Washer(GovernorControlLever) 697268 Panel-Control 794806 Muffler 791478 Housing-Blower 699480 Screw(BlowerHousing) 697240 Shield-Cylinder...
  • Page 30 Craftsman Engine IViodel 204312=0529 1005 1022 1023 1026 1029 1036 1058 1070 1095 1100 1127 1138 • 1194 1210 1211 1329 1330 1427 • Includedin EngineGasketSet, Key Number358 0 Includedin CarburetorOverhaulKit, KeyNumber121 + Includedin ValveGasketSet, KeyNumber1095 For Chipper Shredder IViodel No. 247.77638...
  • Page 32 Sears, Roebuck and Co., U.S.A. (Sears), the California and the United States Environmental Emission Control System Warranty EMISSIONCONTROL WARRANTY COVERAGEISAPPLICABLE TO CERTI- FIEDENGINESPURCHASEDIN CALIFORNIAIN 1995ANDTHEREAF- TER,WHICHARE USEDINCALIFORNIA,ANDTO CERTIFIEDMODEL California and United The CaliforniaAir ResourcesBoard(CARD),U.S.EPAand Searsare pleased to explainthe EmissionControlSystemWarrantyon your modelyear2000and latersmalloff-roadengine(SORE).In California,newsmall off-roadengines mustbe designed,builtand equippedto meetthe State'sstringentanti-smog standards.Elsewherein the UnitedStates, newnon-road,spark-ignition...
  • Page 33 Look For Relevant Air index information Engines that are certified to meet the California Air Resources display information regarding the Emissions Durability makes this information available to the consumer The Emissions Durability Period describes certified to be emissions compliant, nance Instructions. The following Moderate: Engine is certified...
  • Page 34 10%off regularpriceof preventivemaintenance check * Fast help by phone- we call itRapidResolution- phone support froma Searsrepresentative. Thinkof usas a "talkingowner's manual." Your new Craftsman® Once youpurchasethe Agreement,a simplephonecall isall that it opera- takesfor youto scheduleservice.Youcan call anytimedayor night, or schedulea serviceappointmentonline.
  • Page 35 Acuerdo de Protecci6n Para Paginas 44-45 Reparaciones ... Labels ... NOmero de servicio ... Cubierta posterior CRAFTSMAN TOTAL GARANTIA NSrnerode modelo ... N_mero de serie ... Fechade compra ... Registrearribael nOmero del modelo,el nOmero de seriey la fecha Pagina 20...
  • Page 36 La presenciade este sirnboloindicaque se trata de instrucciones irnportantes de seguridadque sedeben respetarparaevitar poneren peligrosu seguridadpersonaly/o materialy la de otras personas.Leay sigatodas las instrucciones de este manualantes de poneren funcionarniento esta rn_.quina. S i no respetaestas instrucciones podria provocarlesionespersonales.Cuandovea este sirnbolo,i presteatenci6na la advertencia! PROPOSICION 65 DE CALIFORNIA...
  • Page 37 Manejoseguro de la gasolina Paraevitar lesionespersonales o daSosrnateriales sea surnarnente cuidadosoal rnanipular la gasolina.La gasolinaes altarnenteinflarn o able y sus vaporespuedencausarexplosiones. S e puedelesionar gravernente si derrarnagasolinasobreustedo sobrela ropaya que se puedeencender.L_vesela piel y c&rnbiese de ropa de inrnediato. • Utilices61orecipientesparagasolinaautorizados.
  • Page 38 MANTENIMIENTO Y ALMACENAMIENTO • Nuncarnanipulelos dispositivosde seguridadde rnanera irnprudente. C ontroleperi6dicarnente que funcionende forrna adecuada. • Controlefrecuenternente que todos lospernosy tornillosest_n bien ajustadosparacornprobarque la rn_.quina se encuentraen condicionessegurasde funcionarniento. A dern_.s, realiceuna inspecci6nvisualde la rn_.quina para controlarsi la rnisrnaest,. da_aday rep_.rela de ser necesario. •...
  • Page 39 SilVIBOLOS DE SEGURIDAD Esta p&ginarepresenta y describela seguridadlos simbolosque puedenpareceren este producto.Lea,comprenda,y sigatodas instrucciones en la m_quinaantesprocurarpara reuniry operar. LEA EL MANUAL(S) Lea, comprenda, reunir y operar ADVERTENClA-- Mantenga hojas adentro ESPECTADORES Mantenga m_iquina mientras ADVERTENCIA-- Nunca operar sin el deflector PROTECCION DE OJO Siempre Ileve gafas de seguridad DEL OPERADOR...
  • Page 40 IMPORTANTE:Esta unidadse entregasin gasolinao aceiteen el motor.AsegQrese de servMo con motorde gasolinay aceitesegQn las instrucdonesen la operad6nde este manualantesde operarsu rn_.quina. NOTA: Referencia a la derechay la izquierdade la Trituradora Chip- per se observadesdela posici6nde funcionarniento. APERTURA DE LA CAJA DE CARTON Cortecada una de lasesquinasde la cajaverticalrnente, d e la partesuperiora la base.
  • Page 41 COLOCACl6N DEL CANAL DEFLECTOR A. Saquelas perillasa mariposade los costadosde la caja inferiordel motor. B. Saquela tuercade seguridadhexagonal,los separadores y el bul6n hexagonal d e la parte superiorde la cajadel motor.Vea la Figura313. A. Pongaen Ifneael canal deflectoren su posici6nen la abertura de descargae inserteel bul6n hexagonal c onel separadora travesde la bisagradel canaldeflector(los separadores van dentrode las bisagras).Vea la Figura314.
  • Page 42 A, Pongaen Ifneael canalde la cortadorapor encimade los esp_.rragos d e la soldadurade maneraque la ranuraen la basedel canalmirehaciaabajo, B. Ajusteel canal de la cortadoracon tres arandelascurvas (conel lado curvocontrael canalde la cortadora)y con las tuercashexagonales que habfasacadoanteriormente, N o ajustelas tuercasen este momento.
  • Page 43 Esteenchufees insertadoen la tolvachipperpara empujarramitasy peque_asramashacialas I_.minas d e aspasin poneren peligrosus manos. Cumple Lasaspiradoras parapatiosde Craftsman cumplen conlosestAndares d e seguridad del instituto estadounidense d e estAndares n acionales (ANSI). Montaje de la tolva Varilla de liberaci6n Llenado de aceite...
  • Page 44 LLENADO DE GASOLINA Y ACEITE Aceite (se env(a una botella junto con la unidad) Primeruso Saquela varilladel nivelde aceite. Con la cortadoratrituradoraal niveldel suelo,utiliceun embudo paravaciar dentrodel motortodoel contenidode la botellade aceitesuministrada con la unidad. Vuelvaa colocarla varillade Ilenadode aceite y ajQstela. Usos postedores Use solamenteun aceite detergente de alta calidadcuya clasificaci6n de servicioAPI seaSF,SG o SH.
  • Page 45 Gire la v_.lvula de cierrede combustiblea la posici6nEN. Muevael control del obturadorhaciael controldel regulador !'o,I para obturarel carburadordel motor.(Si el motorest,. tibio la obturaci6npuedeno sernecesaria). Muevala palancade controldel estrangulador a la posici6n ,_ START/RUN (encendido/ funcionarniento, r epresentado por una liebre).Veala figura 10. Situadodetr&sde la unidad,tome la rnanijadel arrancadory tire de la cuerdahastaque sienta un tir6n.
  • Page 46 Antes de realizarcualquiertipo del rnantenirniento/servicio, suelte todos los rnandosy pare el motor.Esperehasta quetodas las partes de rnovirniento hayanvenidoa una paradacornpleta.Desconecteel alarnbrede bujia y b_.selo contrael motorpara prevenirel cornienzo involuntario. SiernpreIlevepuestoscristalesinastillables durantela operaci6no realizandocualquierajuste o reparaciones. CadaUso Niveldel aceitede motor Hardwaresueltooausente Unidadymotor los 5- 8 horas El aceitede motor...
  • Page 47 Servicio Del Filtro De Aire Nouse ake presurizado o solventespara limpiarel cartuchode filtro de aire, El filtro de aire evitael ingresoal carburadorde suciedad,polvo,etc, perjudiciales y evitaque losmismosseanintroducidosdentrodel mo- tor.Adem_.s, d ichofiltro es importantepara la vida Qtily el rendimiento del motor.Noponga nuncaen funcionamiento el motorsin haber montadototalmenteel filtrode ake.
  • Page 48 Limpieza Del Motor • Diariarnente o antes de cada uso, lirnpiehierba,barciao escornbros acurnuladosdel motor.Guardeencadenarniento, prirnavera, y rnandoslirnpios.Guardeel &reaalrededory detr&s del silenciadorsin cualesquiera escornbroscombustibles. • El cuidadodel motor lirnpioperrniteel rnovirniento a_reoaired- edor del motor. • Las partesde motordeberfanserguardadaslirnpiaspara reducir el riesgode recalentarsey la ignici6nde escornbrosacurnulados. Estees sobretodo irnportante cortandola alta hierba.
  • Page 49 NOTA:Use una Ilavehexagonal d e 3/16" (Allen)en el exteriorde la cuchillay una Ilavede tubode 1/2" (o cubo) en el interiordel motor. Sostengala IlaveAllenfirrnernente y gire la Ilavede tubo (o cubo)para aflojarla tuerca. Coloqueunacuchillade repuesto(NQrnero de pieza742-0544) con loselernentosde ferreteriaque extrajoanteriorrnente o af[lela.
  • Page 50 Nuncaalrnacenecortadoratrituradoracon el combustibleen el tanquedentroo en _.reas rnalventiladasdonde los vaporesde combustiblepuedenalcanzaruna llamaabierta,la chispa,o el pilotocornoen un homo,calentadorde agua, secadorde ropa,o aplicaci6nde gas. PREPARACI6N DEL MOTOR Ya que los rnotores alrnacenaronrn_.s de 30 dfas: Parairnpedir a la gornaforrnarseen el sisternade combustible o en partesde carburador, d irijasel motorhastaque esto se parea falta del combustible o aSadirun aditivode gasolinaal gasen el tanque.Si usted usaun aditivode gas, dirige el motor...
  • Page 51 hayanvenidoa una paradacornpleta.Desconecte el alarnbrede bujfay b_.selo contrael motorpara prevenirel cornienzoinvolun- SiernpreIlevepuestoscristabs inastillables durantela operaci6no realizandocualquierajusteo reparaciones. El motorno arranca La palancadel reguladorno est,. en la posici6nde arranquecorrecta La palancade obturaci6nno est,. en la posici6nON(encendido) Se ha desconectado el cablede la bujia La bujia no funcionacorrectarnente El tanquede cornbustibbest,.
  • Page 52 tuier tipodel rnantenirniento/servicio, sueltetodos los rnandosy pareel motor.Esperehastaque todas laspartes de yan venidoa una paradacornpleta.Desconecte el alarnbrede bujfay b_.selo contrael motorpara prevenirel cornienzoinvolun- SiernpreIlevepuestoscristalesinastillablesdurantela operaci6no realizandocualquierajusteo reparaciones. El motorrecalienta El nivelde aceitedel motores bajo Flujodeairerestringido Saltosocasionales(pausas)a La distanciadisruptivade la bujia es rnuy alta velocidad poca El motorfuncionaen vado rnal 1.
  • Page 53 Sears, Roebuck and Co., U.S.A. (Sears), el Consejo de Recursos Arnbientales de California (CARB) y la Agencia de Protecci6n Arnbiental de los Estados Unidos (EPA) Declaraci6n de garantia del sistema de control de emisiones LA COBERTURA DE LA GARANTJA DE CONTROLDE EMISIONESES APLIOABLE A LOS MOTORES CERTIFICADOS COMPRADOSEN CALIFOR- NIA EN 1995Y POSTERIORMENTE, QUESE UTILIZANENCALIFORNIA, Declaraci6n de garanfia sobre defectos en el control de ernisiones...
  • Page 54 Busque el periodo de duraci6n Los motores cuyo cumpiimiento con los estAndares de emisi6n Tier 2 de la Comisi6n de Recursos Ambientales de California (CARB) est6 certificado deben exhibir la informaci6n relacionada con el perJodo de duraci6n de las emisiones y la clasificaci6n Roebuck and Co., de los Estados Unidos ponen esta informaci6n a disposici6n El Periodo de Duraci6n de las Emisiones describe el nQmero de horas de tiempo real de funcionamiento el motor cumple con las reglas de emisi6n, descontando...
  • Page 55 Felicitaciones por haberrealizadouna adquisici6ninteligente.El productoCraftsman@ que ha adquiridoest_ dise_adoy fabricado para brindarrnuchosa_osde funcionarniento confiable.Perocorno todoslos productosa vecespuederequerirde reparaciones.Esen esernornentocuandoel disponerde un Acuerdode protecci6npara reparaciones le puedeahorrardineroy problernas. A continuaci6nsedetallanlos puntosincluidosen el Acuerdo: • Servicio experto prestadopor nuestros10,000especialistas en reparaciones profesionales •...
  • Page 56 For expert troubleshooting For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself. For Sears professional and items like garage door openers and water heaters.

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