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Functions Table - KitchenAid KHID4 65510 Instructions For Use Manual

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Functions table

Keep warm
Flexible zone
Description of automatic functions
Identifies a power level that is suitable for simmering long-cooking
recipes. Suitable for cooking tomato sauce, ragu, soups,
minestrone, maintaining a constant cooking level; ideal for cooking
in a bain-marie (creams) and regenerating cooked food. Prevents
food from boiling over or sticking to the bottom and burning, as
often happens with these recipes. Use this function after bringing
the food to boiling point.
Identifies a power level that is suitable for keeping meals or serving
dishes warm.
This function combines two cooking zones to offer an extra-large
cooking surface for rectangular and oval containers or grilling pans.
To grill large or many food items (fish, kebabs, vegetables, steaks,
To cook recipes with liquids or broth such as roulades and whole
fish in casseroles/fish kettles/pans.