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Instructions For Use - KitchenAid KHID4 65510 Instructions For Use Manual

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Instructions for use

Control panel description
The control panel is equipped with touch controls: to use them, just press the corresponding symbol (a
light touch is sufficient).
step 1
Switching the hob ON/OFF
To switch the hob on, press the
To switch off, press the same button until the displays switch off.
All the cooking zones are deactivated If the hob has been in use, the residual heat indicator "H" remains lit
until the cooking zones have cooled down.
If within 10 seconds of switching on, no function is selected, the hob switches off automatically.
Switching on and adjusting cooking zones
Power indicator display
Selected cooking zone indication
Cooking zone positioning
Place the pot on the cooking zone, switching the hob on, activate the required cooking zone by pressing
the corresponding "+" button "0" appears on the display. It is possible to select the required power level,
from min. 0 to max. 9, or booster "P" if available. To increase the power level, push the "+" button. To
decrease the power level push the "-" button.
Deactivation of cooking zones
To switch off the cooking zone, press the corresponding "+" and "-" button for more than 3 seconds.
The cooking zone switches off and, if still hot, the letter "H" appears on the zone display.
Control panel lock
This function locks the controls to prevent accidental activation of the hob. To activate the control panel
lock, switch the hob on and press the Timer button for three seconds; an acoustic signal and a luminous
indicator near the padlock symbol signal activation. The control panel is locked except for the switching
off function. To deactivate the control lock, repeat the activation procedure. The luminous dot goes off and
the hob is active again.
The presence of water, liquid spilled from pots or any objects resting on the button below the symbol can
accidentally activate or deactivate the control panel lock.
Cooking zone controls and corresponding display
button for approx. 2 seconds until the cooking zone displays light up.
Control panel lock/Special function/
Power management step 2 and 4
step 1