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Kioti CK25 Manual

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Congratulations, and welcome to the fabulous world of KIOTI CK25, CK30 ownership,where serious work is
made fun again!
This versatile tractor is a culmination of the entire tractor and diesel knowledge gained by the Daedong
Industrial Co.,LTD over the years since 1947 and has been designed with the finest materials and under
rigid quality control standards set forth by the KIOTI Engineering Department.
Knowledge of tractor operation is essential for many years of dependable service and reliability. to help new
owners familiarize themselves with the KIOTI CK25, CK30, it is the policy of KIOTI tractor to provide an
owner's manual which includes helpful information about tractor safety, operation and maintenance. If the
information you seek is not found in this manual,your KIOTI tractor dealer will be happy to help you. please
feel free to contact DAEDONG-USA,INC. with your questions/concerns. Throughout this manual you will see
text in bold type, preceded by the words DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION or IMPORTANT.
Such text has the following significance.
This mark indicates hazardous situation which, if not observed, may result in death or
fatal injury. This mark should be indicated for most dangerous situations only.
This mark indicates potentially hazardous situation which, if not observed, may result in
death or moderate injury.
This mark indicates potentially hazardous situation which, if not observed, may result in
minor or moderate injury. And this mark can be used as a warning against unsafe activities.
This mark indicates emphasis on notable characteristics of working procedures, and
information on about technology for easier operation.



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  Summary of Contents for Kioti CK25

  • Page 1 Knowledge of tractor operation is essential for many years of dependable service and reliability. to help new owners familiarize themselves with the KIOTI CK25, CK30, it is the policy of KIOTI tractor to provide an owner’s manual which includes helpful information about tractor safety, operation and maintenance. If the information you seek is not found in this manual,your KIOTI tractor dealer will be happy to help you.
  • Page 2 ABBREVIATION LIST Abbreviations Definitions Four Wheel Drive American Petroleum Institute ASAE American Society of Agricultural Engineers, USA ASTM American Society of Testing and Materials, USA Feet Per Minute Hi-Lo High Speed-Low Speed Hydrostatic Transmission Meters Per Second P.T.O Power Take Off RH/LH Right-hand and Left-hand sides are determined by facing in the direction of forward travel...
  • Page 3 UNIVERSAL SYMBOLS Various universal symbols have been used on the instruments and controls of your KIOTI tractor. Below is a list of the universal symbols and their meanings. Safety Alert Symbol Hazard Warning Lights Fuel-Level Headlight-Low Beam Engine Coolant-Temperature Headlight-High Beam...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS 1. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ............2. SERVICING ................3. SPECIFICATIONS ..............4. DESCRIPTION OF OPERATING SYSTEM ......5. OPERATION ................6. THREE-POINT HITCH & DRAWBAR ........7. HYDRAULIC UNIT ..............8. TIRES, TREAD AND BALLAST ..........9. MAINTENANCE ..............10. PERIODIC SERVICE .............. 11.
  • Page 6: Safety Precautions

  • Page 7 1-2 CK25/30 BEFORE OPERATING THE TRACTOR A careful operator is the best operator. Most accidents can be avoided by ob- serving certain precautions. To help pre- vent accidents, use these safety precautions, and pay attention to the job at hand. If you can prevent an accident, your time will have been well spent.
  • Page 8 13. Do not start your tractor by shorting across the starter. 18.No alterations should be made to your KIOTI tractor without first consulting your KIOTI dealer.
  • Page 9 1-4 CK25/30 20. For your safety ROPS with a seat belt is recommended for most applications. NOTE Always use seat belt when the tractor is equipped with a ROPS. Never use the seat belt when tractor is not equipped with a ROPS.
  • Page 10 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1-5 OPERATING THE TRACTOR 704O108A 704O109A 704O110A 1. Avoid accidental contact with gear shift 2. Do not park your tractor on a steep 3. Do not operate your tractor in an en- levers while the engine is running. Un- incline, and remember to shut off the closed building without the proper expected tractor movements can result...
  • Page 11 1-6 CK25/30 AU, EU 704O111B 704O112A 704O113A (1) Drawbar 4. Make sure that all pressure lines are 6. If The front of the tractor tends to rise 7. Do not leave equipment in the raised tight before starting the tractor.
  • Page 12 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1-7 11. Driving forward out of a ditch or steep inclines can cause the tractor to tip over backwards. To avoid this you should back out of these positions. Four wheel drive tractors can give you a false sense of security in the trac- tors ability to maneuver out of these positions, so extra caution should be taken.
  • Page 13 1-8 CK25/30 DRIVING THE TRACTOR MANUAL type HST type 704O116A 704O117B 704O118A (1) Brake Pedal Lock (2) Brake Pedal (L) (1) Brake Pedal Lock (2) Brake Pedal (L) (3) Brake Pedal (R) (3) Brake Pedal (R) 1. Lock the brake pedals together when 2.
  • Page 14 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1-9 PARKING THE TRACTOR 4. Observe all local traffic and safety regulations. 5. Turn the headlights on. Dim them when meeting another vehicle. 6. Drive at speeds that allow you to main- tain control at all times. 7. Do not apply the differential lock while traveling at road speeds.
  • Page 15 1-10 CK25/30 OPERATING THE P.T.O USING 3-POINT HITCH USA, 704O121B 704O122A 704O123B (1) P.T.O Shaft Cover (2) P.T.O Shaft Cap (1) 3-point hitch lowering speed knob (A) “FAST” (C) “LOCK” (B) “SLOW” 1. Make sure the tractor is completely 3. Before installing or using P.T.O driven 1.
  • Page 16 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1-11 SERVICING THE TRACTOR 704O124A 704O125A 704O126A In order to service your tractor you must park it on a flat level surface, set the park- ing brake, place the gear shift lever in 4. Before jump starting a dead battery, 6.
  • Page 17 1-12 CK25/30 704O127A 704O128A 704O129A (1) Cardboard (3) Magnifying Glass (2) Hydraulic Line 9. Tire mounting should be done by quali- 11. Securely support the tractor when 7. When working with your tractors elec- changing wheels or the wheel tread...
  • Page 18 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1-13 704O130A 704O131A 14. Fluid escaping from pinholes may be 15. Keep the environmental pollution in invisible. Do not use hands to search mind. When replacing cooling water for suspected leaks; or oil, disuse it to the right way. Use a piece of cardbord or wood, Be sure to observe the relevant regu- instead.
  • Page 19 1-14 CK25/30 TRACTOR SAFETY LABELS 704O132B...
  • Page 20 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1-15 (1) Part No. : T2181-54121 (3) Part No. : T4625-52361 (5) Part No. : T2325-50512 (2) Part No. : T4625-52351 (4) Part No. : T2325-50743 (6) Part No. : T2445-50724...
  • Page 21 1-16 CK25/30 (7) Part No. : T2625-55111 (9) Part No. : T2615-54112 (8) Part No. : T2350-54141 (10) Part No. : T2615-53561...
  • Page 22: Servicing

  • Page 23 Locate the serial numbers now and record them in the space provided. However, when in need of parts or major service, be sure to see your KIOTI dealer. Before using implements not sold by KIOTI Transmission Serial No. For service, contact the KIOTI dealership...
  • Page 24: Specifications

  • Page 25 3-2 CK25/30 SPECIFICATIONS CK25 CK30 Model MANUAL MANUAL Model TD1300A TD1300E 3A150D 3A150E Type Vertical, water-cooled, 3-cylinder diesel Engine gross PS (kW) 25(18.6) 30(22.3) P.T.O PS (kW)/rpm 19 (14.2)/2600 18 (13.4)/2600 23 (17.2)/2600 22 (16.4)/2600 1,299 (79.3) 1,499 (91.5) Displacement cc (
  • Page 26 SPECIFICATIONS 3-3 CK25 CK30 Model MANUAL MANUAL Front 6-14 (6PR) 7-14 (4PR) Rear 9.5-24 (4PR) 11.2-24 (4PR) 1.4-21.64 0-19.95 1.5-22.9 0-21.1 Forward (At rated engine rpm) km/h (mph) (0.86-13.45) (0-12.39) (0.93-14.22) (0-13.11) Reverse (At rated engine rpm) 1.25-19.07 0-12.47 1.32-20.19 0-13.2...
  • Page 27 3-4 CK25/30 TRAVELING SPEED CREEP SHIFT LEVER (only EU-option) * AT RATED ENGINE RPM WITH STANDARD TIRES. km/h(mile/h) Shuttle Hi-Low Creep Main CK25 CK30 km/h(mile/h) 0.17(0.11) 0.18(0.11) Shuttle Main Hi-Low CK25 CK30 0.25(0.16) 0.26(0.16) 1.41(0.88) 1.50(0.93) 0.38(0.24) 0.39(0.24) 2.05(1.27) 2.17(1.35) 0.56(0.35)
  • Page 28 KIOTI and which exceed the maximum specifications listed below, or which are otherwise unfit for use with the KIOTI tractor may result in malfunctions or failures of the tractor, damage to other property and injury to the operator or others.
  • Page 29 3-6 CK25/30 Implement Remarks CK25 CK25H CK30 CK30H Remarks Loader Max. Bucket width mm(in) 1371.6(54) 1371.6(54), 1524(60) Backhoe with sub frame Max. Diging depth mm( Do not use 3 point hitch 2286(7.5) and below 2286(7.5) and below Mid Mower Max. Cutting width...
  • Page 30: Description Of Operating System

  • Page 31 4-2 CK25/30 EXTERIOR VIEW ONLY USA/AU (1) Hood/Bonnet (2) Head Light (3) Steering Wheel (4) Seat (5) Cup Holder (6) Fuel Inlet Cover 704O401B...
  • Page 32 INSTRUMENT PANEL AND CONTROLS 4-3 (1) Turn Signal Lamp (2) Top Link (3) Transmission Oil Gauge (4) PTO Shield Cover (5) Crank Lifting Rod (6) Telescopic Sway bar (7) Lower Link (8) Draw Bar AU type 704O402B...
  • Page 33 4-4 CK25/30 ONLY EU (1) Hood/Bonnet (2) Head Light (3) Steering Wheel (4) Seat (5) Cup Holder (6) Fuel Inlet Cover 704O403A...
  • Page 34 INSTRUMENT PANEL AND CONTROLS 4-5 (1) Turn Signal Lamp (2) Top Link (3) Transmission Oil Gauge (4) PTO Shield Cover (5) Crank Lifting Rod (6) Telescopic Sway bar (7) Lower Link (8) Draw Bar (9) Creep Gear Shift Lever(Option) 704O404A...
  • Page 35 4-6 CK25/30 INSTRUMENT PANEL AND SWITCHES (1) Left Turn Indicator (2) Coolant Temp. Gauge (3) Turn Signal Switch & Light Switch (4) Hazard Lamp Switch (5) Tachometer (6) Right Turn Indicator (7) Fuel Gauge (8) Key Switch (9) Engine Stop Knob...
  • Page 36 INSTRUMENT PANEL AND CONTROLS 4-7 FOOT AND HAND CONTROLS (1) Main Shift Lever Manual Type (2) Hi-Lo Shift Lever (3) Rear PTO Lever (4) Mid PTO Lever(Option) (5) Front Wheel Drive Lever (6) Clutch Pedal (7) 3-Point Hitch Lowering Speed Knob (8) Differential Lock Pedal (9) Brake Pedal (L) (10) Brake Pedal (R)
  • Page 37 4-8 CK25/30 (1) Clutch Pedal HST Type (2) Hi-Lo Shift Lever (3) Parking Brake Lock Lever (4) Hand Throttle (5) Brake Pedal (L) (6) Brake Pedal (R) (7) Speed Control Pedal (8) Joystick Lever (9) Double Acting Lever (C,D) (Option)
  • Page 38: Operation

  • Page 39 5-2 CK25/30 PRE-OPERATION DAILY CHECK CHECK ITEM It is a good practice to know the condition - Walk around inspection. of your tractor before you start it. You should - Check the engine oil level do routine check before each use.
  • Page 40 OPERATION 5-3 OPERATING NEW TRACTOR CHANGING LUBRICATING OIL FOR NEW TRACTORS How a new tractor is handled and main- tractor. Special attention should be given to new tained determines the life of the tractor. tractors lubrication oil. New parts are not In handling a new tractor, the following accustomed to each other and are not A new tractor just off the factory pro-...
  • Page 41 5-4 CK25/30 OPERATING THE ENGINE STARTING THE ENGINE only USA, AU and EU-HST type only EU-Manual type CAUTION To avoid personal injury: You must read and understand the warning and caution labels on your tractor. Proper ventilation is required when operation your tractor inside a build- ing or enclosed area.
  • Page 42 OPERATION 5-5 3. PLACE THE P.T.O CLUTCH LEVER IN “OFF” POSITION. 4. PLACE THE SPEED CONTROL PEDAL IN “NEUTRAL” POSITION. 5. PLACE THE RANGE GEAR SHIFT LEVER (HI-LO) IN “NEUTRAL” POSI-TION. NOTE The speed control pedal automatically 704O503A return to neutral when the operator’s (1) Fuel Cock foot is released from the pedal.
  • Page 43 5-6 CK25/30 704O505B 704O506B 704O507B (1) Position Control Lever (1) Hand Throttle Lever ) Off ) Manual Pre-Heat (A) “DOWN” ) Acc ) Start “INCREASE” 6. MOVE THE HYDRAULIC CONTROL “DECREASE” ) On(Auto Pre-Heat) LEVER FORWARD. To lower implement, move the hydraulic 7.
  • Page 44 OPERATION 5-7 If you need additional pre-heating, turn the key off and try the same procedure again or turn the key to “Manual pre-heat” position and hold it. Do not pre-heat over 15 seconds, more than 10 times without any break. When the coolant temperature is over 60°C(140°F) the auto pre-heating does not work.
  • Page 45 5-8 CK25/30 STOPPING THE ENGINE WARMING UP If the lamp is still on, immediately stop CAUTION the engine and determine the cause. During warm up of the engine, be [CHECK EASY CHECKER LAMPS] sure that the parking brake is set.
  • Page 46 OPERATION 5-9 JUMP STARTING WARM-UP AND TRANSMISSION OIL IN THE LOW TEMPERATURE RANGE 3. Put on safety goggles and rubber Hydraulic oil serves as transmission gloves. fluid. In cold weather, the oil may be 4. Attach the red clamp to the positive cold with increased viscosity.
  • Page 47 5-10 CK25/30 OPERATING THE TRACTOR OPERATING ROPS TO FOLD THE ROPS WARNING Keep sparks, open flames and smoking materials away from bat- teries at all times. Gases emitted from batteries are explosive. IMPORTANT This tractor has a 12 volt negative ground starting system.
  • Page 48 OPERATION 5-11 TO RAISE THE ROPS TO UPRIGHT POSITION 704O514B 704O515B 704O516B (1) Lock Pin (2) Linch Pin (1) Lock Pin (2) Linch Pin (3) Bolt (4) Grip Bolt (3) Bolt (4) Grip Bolt 3. Align pin holes, insert Lock pin, and se- 1.
  • Page 49 5-12 CK25/30 STARTING SEAT only EU type 704O517A (1) Position Adjuster (2) Weight Adjuster (3) Seat Reclining Lever (A) “PULL IN” 1. ADJUSTING THE OPERATOR’S PO- SITION (1) OPERATOR’S SEAT CAUTION To avoid personal injury: Make sure that the seat is com-...
  • Page 50 OPERATION 5-13 The seat installed on your tractor has a (2) TRAVEL ADJUSTMENT comprehensive range of adjustments. Pull out the position adjust lever and slide Before prorating the tractor, it is impor- the seat backward or forward, as required. tant to adjust the seat to the comfortable The seat will lock in position when the position.
  • Page 51 5-14 CK25/30 2. SELECTING LIGHT SWITCH POSI- MANUAL Type TIONS (1) HEAD LIGHT SWITCH (A): Head lights OFF. (B): Head lights - Low Beam ON. (C): Head lights - High Beam ON. (2) HAZARD LIGHT SWITCH When hazard light switch is pulled out, the hazard lights flash along with the in- dicator on the instrument panel.
  • Page 52 OPERATION 5-15 3. CHECKING THE BRAKE PEDAL (1) BRAKE PEDAL (RIGHT AND LEFT) WARNING To avoid personal injury: Applying one rear wheel brake at a time can cause the tractor to swerve or roll over at high speeds. 1. Before operating the tractor on the road or before applying the parking brake, be sure to interlock the right and left 704O523B...
  • Page 53 5-16 CK25/30 6. SELECTING THE TRAVEL SPEED. MANUAL Type IMPORTANT To help prevent premature clutch wear. The clutch pedal must be engaged slowly and disengaged quickly. Do not rest your foot on the clutch pedal. Select the proper gear and engine speeds according to the type of job you are doing.
  • Page 54 OPERATION 5-17 (4) CREEP GEAR SHIFT LEVER (1) SHUTTLE SHIFT LEVER(MANUAL Type) 2. Release clutch pedal. only EU-option Push forward or pull backward to select 3. Slightly depress the speed control forward or reverse. The direction of travel pedal to rotate the gears inside of can be changed without changing the transmission.(HST only) main shift.
  • Page 55 5-18 CK25/30 2. Prohibited uses HST Type • Using creeping speed to escape from dampened soil. • Towing and trailing works • Frontal loader works • Frontal snowplow works • Engineering works. 3. Observance • To shift the gears, fully depress the clutch pedal.
  • Page 56 OPERATION 5-19 FRONT WHEEL DRIVE IS EFFECTIVE FOR THE FOLLOWING JOBS: 1. When greater pulling force is needed, such as working in a wet field, when pulling a trailer or when working with front-end loader. 2. When working in sandy soil. 3.
  • Page 57 [To Disengage Speed Set Device] Consult your KIOTI dealer. 1. Place the lever to the off position.
  • Page 58 OPERATION 5-21 STOPPING HORN 1. Slow the engine to idle only EU, AU type NOTE 2. Depress the clutch and brake pedal. If you step on the brake, the speed (Manual model) set device will disengage. 3. After the tractor has stopped, disen- Make sure to keep the speed set lever gage the P.T.O, lower the implement, in the off position when starting the...
  • Page 59: Check During Driving

    5-22 CK25/30 CHECK DURING DRIVING IMMEDIATELY STOP THE ENGINE IF The engine suddenly slows or accelerates. Unusual noises are heard. Exhaust fumes become dark. While driving make the previous checks to ensure that all parts are functioning properly. 704O533A (1) Easy Checker...
  • Page 60: Easy Checker

    1,000 rpm, consult your local KIOTI dealer. check the engine oil level. NOTE For checking and servicing of your tractor, consult your local KIOTI dealer for instructions.
  • Page 61: Fuel Gauge

    5-24 CK25/30 HOURMETER / TACHOMETER FUEL GAUGE COOLANT TEMPERATURE GAUGE 704O538A 704O536A 704O537A (1) Tachometer (2) Hour meter (1) Fuel Gauge (1) Coolant Temperature Gauge (A) P.T.O: 540 rpm “E” EMPTY “F” FULL “C” COOL “H” HOT When the key switch is on, the fuel gauge 1.
  • Page 62: Parking

    OPERATION 5-25 PARKING PARKING BRAKE LEVER WARNING only USA, AU and EU-HST Type only EU-MANUAL type Apply the parking brake and place the chocks at the rear wheels when parking. When parking the vehicle on a hill, position the shift lever at low forward gear) for uphill and low reverse (1 gear) for downhill.
  • Page 63: Operating Techniques

    5-26 CK25/30 OPERATING TECHNIQUES DIFFERENTIAL LOCK OPERATING THE TRACTOR ON A ROAD MANUAL Type WARNING To avoid personal injury due to loss of steering control. Do not operate the tractor at high speeds with the differential lock engaged. Do not attempt to turn with the dif- ferential lock engaged.
  • Page 64: P.t.o Operation

    OPERATION 5-27 P.T.O OPERATION OPERATING ON A SLOPES AND ROUGH DIRECTIONS FOR USE OF POWER REAR P.T.O GEAR SHIFT LEVER TERRAIN STEERING 1. Power steering is activated only while CAUTION the engine is running. Slow engine To avoid personal injury: speeds make the steering a little Always back up when going up a heavier.
  • Page 65 5-28 CK25/30 P.T.O SHAFT COVER AND SHAFT CAP 1. The tractor has a 540 rpm speed position. The shield rotates upward, allowing for USA, AU easy implement attachment to the P.T.O 2. P.T.O shifting needs clutch operation. stub shaft. Press the clutch pedal down completely to stop the tractor movement and any P.
  • Page 66 To use the mid-P.T.O, shift the P.T.O lever (1) REAR AND MID-P.T.O SPEED (2) MID-P.T.O SHAFT COVER to engaged position. This shifting requires The mid P.T.O is available for KIOTI ap- clutch pedal operation. P.T.O REVOLUTION [mn (rpm)] proved implements.
  • Page 67: Three-Point Hitch & Drawbar

  • Page 68 6-2 CK25/30 THREE-POINT HITCH & DRAWBAR (ONLY USA/AU) (1) Top Link (2) Crank Lifting Rod (Left) (3) Telescopic Sway Bar (4) Lower Link (5) Crank Lifting Rod (Right) (6) Drawbar AU type 704O601B...
  • Page 69 THREE-POINT HITCH & DRAWBAR 6-3 THREE-POINT HITCH & DRAWBAR (ONLY EU) (1) Top Link (2) Crank Lifting Rod (Left) (3) Telescopic Sway Bar (4) Lower Link (5) Crank Lifting Rod (Right) (6) Drawbar 704O602A...
  • Page 70 6-4 CK25/30 3-POINT HITCH MAKE PREPARATIONS FOR ATTACHING AND DETACHING ATTACHING IMPLEMENT IMPLEMENTS CRANK LIFTING ROD (RIGHT) Crank Lift Rod - To adjust the horizon- tal position of the implement turn the handle on the right lift rod. Most imple- ments are designed to operate level.
  • Page 71 THREE-POINT HITCH & DRAWBAR 6-5 DRAWBAR ADJUSTING DRAWBAR LENGTH WARNING Use caution when adjusting the tele- scopic sway bar. Heavy imple- ment can move causing harm. Adjust the telescopic sway bar so that the implement can move 5 to 6 cm(2.0 to 2.4 in.) laterally.
  • Page 72 6-6 CK25/30 WARNING To avoid personal injury: Never pull from the top link, the rear axle or any point above the drawbar. Doing so could cause the tractor to tip over rearward causing personal injury or death. The drawbar load is referred to “IMPLE-...
  • Page 73: Hydraulic Unit

  • Page 74 Place the position control lever in the low- properly. est position and set the implement pull Unless corrected the unit will be with the draft control lever. damaged. Contact your KIOTI dealer for adjustment.
  • Page 75 HYDRAULIC UNIT 7-3 MIXED CONTROL(IF EQUIPPED) IMPLEMENT LOWERING LIMIT 3-POINT HITCH LOWERING SPEED 704O703A 704O705B 704O704B (1) Ground Surface (3) Soft Soil (1) Position Control Lever (1) 3-Point Lowering Speed Knob (2) Implement Penetration Limit (2) Lock Bolt (A) FAST (C) LOCK (B) SLOW In draft control, when draft decreases, the...
  • Page 76 7-4 CK25/30 AUXILIARY HYDRAULICS JOYSTICK VALVE TWO STAGE VALVE TYPE This loader control valve has two stage dump position. The first dump position by moving the lever to the right is the “Regu- lar” dump position. It has good power and control for dump- ing precisely.
  • Page 77 NOTE (A) A PORT (C) C PORT periods will overheat the oil. periods will overheat the oil. Your local KIOTI Dealer can supply (B) B PORT (D) D PORT parts to adapt couplers to hydraulic hoses.
  • Page 78: Tires, Tread And Ballast

  • Page 79 8-2 CK25/30 TIRES INFLATION PRESSURE Though the tire pressure is factory-set to the prescribed level, it naturally drops slowly WARNING in the course of time. Thus, check it everyday and inflate as necessary. To avoid personal injury: CK25/CK25H CK30/CK30H Do not attempt to mount a tire.
  • Page 80 1. Remove the wheel rim and the disk mounting bolts. Do not turn front discs to obtain 2. Change the position of the rim and disk to the desired position, and then tighten the wider tread. bolts. Model CK25 978mm 978mm 1,062mm 1,094mm 1,178mm...
  • Page 81 KIOTI dealer for a recommendation. The weight should be added to the trac- tor in the form of liquid ballast, rear wheel weights or both.
  • Page 82: Maintenance

  • Page 83 9-2 CK25/30 SERVICE INTERVALS Indication on hour meter Reference Period Since then 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 550 600 650 700 750 800 page Engine oil Change Every100Hr 10-9 Every200Hr 10-15 Engine oil filter Replace...
  • Page 84 MAINTENANCE 9-3 Indication on hour meter Reference Period Since then page 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 550 600 650 700 750 800 Every100Hr 10-11 Check Fuel line 10-22 Every2years Replace Every200Hr 10-17 Check HST oil line Every2years 10-22 Replace...
  • Page 85 9-4 CK25/30 LUBRICANTS To prevent serious equipment damage, use only genuine KIOTI fluids, oils and greases, or equivalents. Capacities Locations Lubricants CK25/30H CK25/30 No.2-D diesel fuel Fuel 30 (7.9 No.1-D diesel fuel if temperature is below -10°C (14°F) CK25 : 7.4 (2.0
  • Page 86: Periodic Service

  • Page 87 10-2 CK25/30 HOW TO OPEN THE HOOD HOOD SIDE COVER 704OA01A 704OA02A 704OA03A (1) Knob (A) Pull (1) Side Cover (2) Hook (A) Push To open the tractor hood, pull down on It is not necesary to remove the side cover CAUTION the knob.
  • Page 88: Checking Engine Oil Level

    PERIODIC SERVICE 10-3 DAILY CHECK CHECKING ENGINE OIL LEVEL For your own safety and maximum ser- CAUTION vice life of the machine, make a thorough daily inspection before starting and op- To avoid personal injury: erating the machine. Be sure to stop the engine before checking the oil level.
  • Page 89: Checking Transmission Fluid Level

    10-4 CK25/30 CHECKING TRANSMISSION FLUID CHECKING AND REFUELING LEVEL 1. Turn the key switch to “ON”, check the amount of fuel by fuel gauge. 2. Fill fuel tank when fuel gauge shows 1/4 or less fuel in tank. 3. Use grade No.2-Diesel fuel at tempera- tures above -10°C (14°F).
  • Page 90 PERIODIC SERVICE 10-5 Flash Point, Water and Sediment, Carbon Residue on, 10 Ash, °C (°F) volume % percent Residuum, % weight % 52 (125) 0.05 0.35 0.01 Distillation Copper Viscosity Kinematic cSt Viscosity Saybolt, sulfur, Cetane Temperatures, °C(°F) Strip or mm /s at 40°C SUS at 100°F weight %...
  • Page 91: Checking Coolant Level

    10-6 CK25/30 CHECKING COOLANT LEVEL CHECKING BRAKE AND CLUTCH PEDALS 1. Check to see that the coolant level is 1. The brake and clutch pedals should be between the “FULL” and “LOW” marks inspected for free travel, and smooth of recovery tank.
  • Page 92: Cleaning Grill, Radiator Screen And Oil Cooler Screen

    PERIODIC SERVICE 10-7 CLEANING GRILL, RADIATOR CHECKING GAUGES, METER AND SCREEN AND OIL COOLER SCREEN EASY CHECKER 1. Inspect the instrument panel for bro- IMPORTANT ken gauge(s), meter(s) and Easy Grill and screen must be clean from Checker lamps. debris to prevent engine from over- 2.
  • Page 93 10-8 CK25/30 EVERY 50 HOURS LUBRICATING GREASE FITTINGS You should apply a small amount of multi-purpose grease to the following points every 50 hours or as needed. If your tractor is operated in extremely wet, muddy, or dusty conditions you should lubricate the fittings more often.
  • Page 94 PERIODIC SERVICE 10-9 EVERY 100 HOURS CHECKING WHEEL BOLT CHANGING ENGINE OIL TORQUE 704OA15B 704OA16A 704OA17A (1) 68.6 N·m (7 kgf·m, 50.6 lbf·ft) (1) Oil Inlet (2) Dipstick (1) Drain Plug (2) 284.4 N·m (29 kgf·m, 290.7 lbf·ft) (A) Oil level is acceptable within this range 1.
  • Page 95: Cleaning Air Cleaner Primary Element

    10-10 CK25/30 CLEANING AIR CLEANER PRI- CLEANING FUEL FILTER MARY ELEMENT 3. Replace air cleaner element: Once yearly or after every sixth cleaning, whichever comes first. NOTE Check to see if the evacuator valve is blocked with dust. IMPORTANT The air cleaner uses a dry element, never apply oil.
  • Page 96 PERIODIC SERVICE 10-11 CHECKING FUEL LINE ADJUSTING CLUTCH PEDAL IMPORTANT If dust and dirt enters the fuel system, the fuel pump and injection nozzles are subject to premature wear. To prevent this, be sure to clean the fuel filter bowl and ele- ment periodically.
  • Page 97 10-12 CK25/30 ADJUSTING BRAKE PEDAL BATTERY 20 ~ 30 mm (0.787 ~ 0.181 in.) Proper brake on the pedal. pedal free Keep the free travel in travel (A) the right and left brake pedals equal. 1. Release the parking brake 2.
  • Page 98 PERIODIC SERVICE 10-13 If the battery is weak it will cause the 3. To slow charge the battery, connect the engine to be hard to start and also make battery positive terminal to the charger lights dim. It is important to check the bat- positive terminal and the negative to tery periodically.
  • Page 99 10-14 CK25/30 ADJUSTING FAN BELT TENSION Table 1 A deflection of between 7 Proper ~ 9 mm (0.28 ~ 0.34 in.) fan belt Tractor Battery Volts when the belt is pressed tension model TYPE in the middle of the span.
  • Page 100 To prevent serious damage to the To avoid personal injury: little. Make sure that the engine oil does engine, use only a KIOTI genuine Be sure to stop the engine before not leak through the seal and be sure filter.
  • Page 101 10-16 CK25/30 HST Type 704OA28A 704OA29A 704OA30B (1) Hydraulic Oil Filter (1) HST Oil Filter (1) Oil Filling Plug (2) Gauge (A) Oil level is Acceptable Within this Range. 3. Remove the oil filter. 6. After the new filter is in place , fill the transmission up with oil to the upper 4.
  • Page 102 PERIODIC SERVICE 10-17 CHECKING RADIATOR HOSE AND CHECKING HST OIL LINE & POWER CLAMP STEERING LINE PRECAUTION AT OVERHEATING Take the following actions in the event the coolant temperature be nearly or more than the boiling point, what is called “Overheating”...
  • Page 103 10-18 CK25/30 EVERY 400 HOURS ADJUSTING TOE-IN CHANGING TRANSMISSION FLUID 704OA33A 740OA34A 704OA35B (A) Wheel - to - wheel distance at rear (1) Tie Rod (2) Lock Nuts (1) Oil Filler Plug (2) Gauge (B) Wheel - to - wheel distance at front...
  • Page 104 2. After draining reinstall the drain plug. the front axle case and drain the oil completely into the oil pan. 3. Fill with the new KIOTI TF65 fluid to the upper line of the gauge. 2. After draining, reinstall the drain plugs.
  • Page 105 ADJUSTING FRONT AXLE PIVOT ADJUSTING ENGINE VALVE REPLACING AIR CLEANER CLEARANCE ELEMENT (See “Cleaning Air Cleaner Element” in Consult your local KIOTI dealer for this service. every 100 hours maintenance.) 704OA38B (1) Adjusting Screw (2) Lock Nut If the front axle pivot pin adjustment is...
  • Page 106 50%. Securely tighten radiator cap. If the CK25 (2.0 cap is loose or improperly fitted, Coolant water may leak out and the engine capacity could overheat.
  • Page 107 10-22 CK25/30 ANTI-FREEZE REPLACING RADIATOR HOSE (WATER PIPES) If cooling water freezes, it can damage * At 760 mmHg pressure (atmospheric). Replace the hoses and clamps. the cylinders and radiator. It is necessary, A higher boiling point is obtained by (See “Checking Radiator Hose and...
  • Page 108 PERIODIC SERVICE 10-23 SERVICE AS REQUIRED BLEEDING FUEL SYSTEM DRAINING CLUTCH HOUSING REPLACING FUSE WATER 704OA41A 704OA42A 704OA43A (1) Fuel Cock (A) Close (1) Plug (1) Fuse Box (B) Open (C) Air Air must be removed: Your tractor is equipped with a plug un- Fuses protect the tractor electrical sys- der the clutch housing.
  • Page 109 Head Lights / Tail Light cal system. Refer to the trouble- Timmer Relay shooting section of this manual or Stop Lights your local KIOTI dealer for specific Customer Use information dealing with electrical problems.
  • Page 110: Storage

  • Page 111 11-2 CK25/30 TRACTOR STORAGE If you intend to store your tractor for an CAUTION extended period of time, follow the pro- To avoid personal injury: cedures outlined below. These proce- Do not clean the machine with en- dures will insure that the tractor is ready gine running.
  • Page 112 STORAGE 11-3 REMOVING THE TRACTOR FROM STORAGE 10. Keep the tractor in a dry place where 1. Check the tire air pressure and inflate the tractor is sheltered from rain. the tires if they are low. Cover the tractor. 2. Jack the tractor up and remove the 11.
  • Page 113: Trouble Shooting

  • Page 114 12-2 CK25/30 ENGINE TROUBLE SHOOTING If something is wrong with the engine, refer to the table below for the cause and its corrective measure. Trouble Cause Countermeasure Engine is difficult to start or won’t No fuel flow. Check the fuel tank and the fuel filter.
  • Page 115 Loose or defective fan belt Adjust or replace fan belt. Dirty radiator core or grille screens Remove all trash. Coolant flow route corroded Flush cooling system. If you have any questions, contact your local KIOTI dealer.
  • Page 117: Options

  • Page 118 13-2 CK25/30 OPTIONS Consult your local KIOTI dealer for fur- ther detail. Work Light High visibility for night work MID PTO Front end weights For front ballast Rear Wheel Weights For rear ballast Sunshade Double Acting Lever (A, B) (only USA)
  • Page 119: Index

  • Page 120 14-2 CK25/30 AUXILIARY HYDRAULICS ........... 7-4 DAILY CHECK ..............10-3 Joystick Valve ..............7-4 Checking Engine Oil Level ........... 10-3 Double acting Lever ............7-5 Checking Transmission Fluid Level ......10-4 Double acting Coupler Connecting and Disconnecting ..7-5 Checking and Refueling ..........10-4 Checking Coolant Level ..........
  • Page 121 INDEX 14-3 Cleaning Fuel Filter ............. 10-10 Changing Front Axle Case Oil ........10-19 Checking Fuel Line ............10-11 EVERY 50 HOURS ............10-8 Adjusting Clutch Pedal ..........10-11 Lubricating Grease Fittings .......... 10-8 Adjusting Brake Pedal ..........10-12 Checking Wheel Bolt Toqrue ........10-9 Battery .................
  • Page 122 14-4 CK25/30 LUBRICANTS ................ 9-4 PARKING THE TRACTOR ........... 1-9 PRE- OPERATION ..............5-2 Daily check ............... 5-2 OPERATING NEW TRACTOR ..........5-3 Changing Lubricating Oil For New Tractors ....5-3 OPERATING THE ENGINE ..........5-4 REMOVING THE TRACTOR FROM STORAGE ....11-3 Starting The Engine ............
  • Page 123 INDEX 14-5 3 - POINT HITCH ..............6-4 Make Preparations for Attaching Implement ....6-4 Attaching and Detaching Implements ......... 6-4 THREE-POINT HITCH & DRAWBAR ........6-2 3 - POINT HITCH CONTROL SYSTEM ....... 7-2 Position Control ............... 7-2 Draft control ..............7-2 Mixed control(if equipped) ..........
  • Page 124: Appendix

  • Page 125 15-2 CK25/30 OPERATING TIPS HST TRANSMISSION Make sure you have read Section 1, SAFTEY PRECAUTIONS, and Section 5, OPERATION before attempting to follow these tips. Now, set the parking brake, place the Hi-LO range lever to neutral, depress the clutch and start the engine per instructions.
  • Page 126 You will probably find that for most tasks you do with your KIOTI CK25/30, you will be operating in the Hi-Lo range of L and M as these are most suitable for doing tasks. Any time that you are doing a task that causes your tractor to stop moving because the tractor’s relief valve has opened, you will need to shift the Hi-Lo range selector to a lower setting to obtain more pulling power (in...
  • Page 127 You now have the tractor in gear and ready to apply pressure to the foot throttle to increase the engine speed and move forward. Note that the transmission of your KIOTI CK25/30 is not the same as on an automobile.
  • Page 128 APPENDIX 15-5 Reverse operation may easily be obtained by easing the pressure on the foot throttle, depressing the clutch, moving the SHUTTLE SHIFT LEVER to the reverse position and once again applying pressure to the foot throttle. To stop the tractor, depress the clutch and brake at the same time, move the SHUTTLE SHIFT and TRANSMISSION LEVERS to neutral, lower all equipment.

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