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Husqvarna LG 504 Operator's Manual page 8

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Use approved respiratory protection.
Use approved eye protection with side protection.
Use protective gloves.
Use boots with steel toe-cap and non-slip sole.
Use approved work clothing or equivalent close-
fitting clothing that has long sleeves and long legs.
Fire extinguisher
Keep a fire extinguisher near during operation.
Use a powder fire extinguisher of "ABE" class or a
carbon dioxide fire extinguisher of "BE" type.
Safety devices on the product
WARNING: Read the warning instructions
that follow before you use the product.
Do not use a product with defective safety devices.
Do a check of the safety devices regularly. If the
safety devices are defective, speak to your
Husqvarna service agent.
The muffler keeps the noise levels to a minimum and
sends the exhaust fumes away from the operator.
Do not use the product if the muffler is missing or
defective. A defective muffler increases the noise level
and the risk of fire.
WARNING: The muffler becomes very hot
during and after use and when the engine
operates at idle speed. Be careful near
flammable materials and/or fumes to prevent
To do a check of the muffler
Examine the muffler regularly to make sure that it is
attached correctly and not damaged.
Safety frame
The safety frame prevents damage to the product if it
To do a check of the safety frame
Make sure that there are no cracks or other
damages on the safety frame.
Make sure that the safety frame is correctly installed
on the product.
Vibration damping units
The vibration damping units decrease vibration in the
product. The vibration damping units decrease harmful
vibrations to prevent injury to the operator and damage
to the product.
To do a check of the vibration damping units
There are 10 vibration damping units, 2 on each side of
the product, and 6 between the handle and the engine
Make sure that the vibration damping units are
correctly installed.
Examine the vibration damping units for damages
and wear.
Replace the vibration damping units if it is
Fuel safety
WARNING: Read the warning instructions
that follow before you use the product.
Fuel is flammable and the fumes are explosive. Be
careful with fuel to prevent injury, fire and explosion.
Do not breathe in the fuel fumes. The fuel fumes are
poisonous and can cause injury. Make sure that the
airflow is sufficient.
Do not remove the fuel tank cap or fill the fuel tank
when the engine is on.
Let the engine become cool before you refuel.
Do not fill fuel in an indoor area. Not sufficient airflow
can cause injury or death because of asphyxiation or
carbon monoxide.
Do not smoke near the fuel or the engine.
Do not put hot objects near the fuel or the engine.
Do not fill fuel near sparks or flames.
Before you refuel, open the fuel tank cap slowly and
release the pressure carefully.
Fuel on your skin can cause injury. If you get fuel on
your skin, use soap and water to remove the fuel.
If you spill fuel on your clothing, change clothing
Do not fill the fuel tank fully. Heat causes the fuel to
expand. Keep a space at the top of the fuel tank.
Tighten the fuel tank cap fully. If the fuel tank cap is
not tightened, there is a risk of fire.
Before you start the product, move the product to a
minimum of 3 m/10 ft from where you refueled.
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