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Husqvarna LG 504 Operator's Manual page 17

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2. Tilt the product to drain the oil.
Note: You can also use a manual oil drain pump to
drain the oil in the eccentric element.
3. Clean the surfaces around the hole for the oil drain
plug, the threads of the hole and the oil drain plug.
Use a dry cloth and, if it is necessary, an applicable
CAUTION: Do not use water to clean
around and on the oil drain plug.
4. Fill the eccentric element with oil of the correct type.
Technical data on page 20 .
Refer to
5. Install the oil drain plug.
1229 - 002 - 06.04.2020
To do a check of the battery
1. Disconnect the battery cables (A).
2. Examine the battery for damages (B). Replace the
battery if it is damaged.
3. Clean the battery terminals (C).
4. Connect the battery cables.
To charge the battery
The battery is a gel battery. It is not necessary to do
maintenance on the battery.
WARNING: Do not charge the battery more
than recommended. The life of the battery
decreases and flammable gases can come
from the battery.
CAUTION: If the battery becomes very hot
when it charges, disconnect the battery
Use a voltage-regulated battery charger for gel
Recommended battery chargers
batteries. Refer to
on page 17 . Speak to your Husqvarna dealer for
more information about the correct battery charger.
If the battery is not used for a long period of time,
charge it fully before you use it.
Do a trickle charging 1-2 times during the winter
season when the product is in storage.
Recommended battery chargers
The recommendations are correct at an average
ambient temperature of 25°C/77°F.
Battery charger type
Constant voltage charger.
13.65–15.0 V.
13.8–15.0 V. Max. 10 A.
Charge for 6–12 h.

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