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Safety Instr Uctions; Steps Bef Ore Using A New Machine; Personal Protective Equipment; Machine ' S Safety Equipment - Husqvarna WCV 180 Operator's Manual

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Steps bef ore using a new machine

Please read the operator's manual carefully and make
sure you understand the instructions before using the
WCV 180 is a slot cutter for cutting concrete, stone
and brick. Use in any other way is considered as
contrary to the intended use.
The machine is to be used only for dry cutting.
Al ways use common sense
It is not possib le to cover every conceivable situation you
can face. Always exercise care and use your common
sense. Avoid all situations which you consider to be
beyond your capability. If you still feel uncertain about
operating procedures after reading these instructions,
you should consult an expert before continuing.
Let your Husqvarna dealer regularly check the machine
and make essential adjustments and repairs.
Husqvarna Construction Products has a policy of
continuous product development. Husqvarna reserves
the right to modify the design and appearance of products
without prior notice and without further obligation
introduce design modifications.
All information and all data in the Operator's Manual were
applicable at the time the Operator's Manual was sent to
W ARNING! Under no circumstances
should you modify the original design of
the machine without approval from the
manufacturer. Always use original spare
parts. Unauthorized modifications and/or
accessories may lead to serious injury or
death to the user or others.
W ARNING! The use of products such as
cutters, grinders, drills, that sand or form
material can generate dust and vapours
which may contain hazardous chemicals.
Check the nature of the material you
intend to process and use an appropriate
breathing mask.
P ersonal protective equipment
W ARNING! You must use approved
personal protective equipment whenever
you use the machine. Personal protective
equipment cannot eliminate the risk of
injury but it will reduce the degree of
injury if an accident does happen. Ask
your dealer for help in choosing the right
Hearing protection
Protective goggles or a visor
Heavy-duty, firm grip gloves.
Sturdy, non-slip boots or shoes.
Always have a first aid kit nearby.
Know the nature of the material being worked on and
wear appropriate dust mask or respirator protection.


Mac hine ' ' ' ' s safety equipment
This section descr ibes the machine ' s safety equipment,
its purpose, and how checks and maintenance should be
carried out to ensure that it operates correctly. See the
"What is what?" section to locate where this equipment is
positioned on your machine.
W ARNING! Never use a machine that has
faulty safety equipment!
IMPOR TANT! All servicing and repair work on the
machine requires special training. This is especially true
of the machine ' s safety equipment. If your machine fails
any of the checks described below you must contact
your service agent. When you buy any of our products
we guarantee the availability of professional repairs and
service. If the retailer who sells your machine is not a
servicing dealer, ask him for the address of your nearest
service agent.
Switc h
The po wer switch should be used to start and stop the
Chec king the power switch
First press the power switch on the right handle (1)
and then the power switch on the left handle (2).
You should not be able to start the machine by
pressing only one of the power switches.
Stop the machine by releasing any of the power
A defective power switch should be replaced by an
authorized service workshop.


Table of Contents