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Husqvarna SMART 40 Operator's Manual

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SMART 40/40E, SMART 48/48E,
SMART 56/56E, SMART 65
Operator's manual



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  • Page 1 SMART 40/40E, SMART 48/48E, SMART 56/56E, SMART 65 Operator's manual 2-14...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction..............2 Troubleshooting............10 Safety................3 Storage and disposal............ 11 Operation................ 6 Technical data.............. 12 Maintenance..............7 EC Declaration of Conformity........14 Introduction Product description Intended use The product is a concrete vibrator with a built-in The product is for professional operation only. The frequency converter.
  • Page 3 4. Voltage, V Note: Other symbols/decals on the product refer to 5. Current, A special certification requirements for some markets. 6. Production year Rating plate 7. Rated power 8. Phase 9. Frequency, Hz Product liability As referred to in the product liability laws, we are not liable for damages that our product causes if: •...
  • Page 4 Personal safety • Maintain power tools and accessories. Check for misalignment or binding of moving parts, breakage • Stay alert, watch what you are doing and use of parts and any other condition that may affect the common sense when operating a power tool. Do not power tool´s operation.
  • Page 5 Vibration safety medical implants. To decrease the risk of serious injury or death, we recommend persons with medical implants to speak to their physician and the medical implant manufacturer before operating this product. WARNING: Read the warning instructions • Keep the product clean. Make sure that you can that follow before you use the product.
  • Page 6: Introduction

    • Cancer decreases the degree of injury if an accident does occur. Let your dealer help you select the correct • Birth defects personal protective equipment. • Skin inflammation • Regularly do a check of the condition of the personal •...
  • Page 7: Maintenance

    3. Wait approximately 10–20 seconds until the surface Note: The vibrations start at a very low speed and around the vibrator head is shiny and no air bubbles then increases slowly to maximum speed. come to the surface. 3. Push the ON/OFF switch to stop the product. 4.
  • Page 8 To disassemble and assemble the CAUTION: If you replace the screws (J), vibrator head make sure that they are not too long. If the screws go through the eccentric element, they can touch the inner WARNING: The vibrator head contains high surface of the stator tube.
  • Page 9 2. Attach the screw to the hose nipple and the vibrator 6. Move the wires into the frequency converter casing, head with a threadlocker. Make sure that you use through the gland. Tightening the correct threadlocker type, refer to 7. Tighten the nut and put the red hose on the hose torque and threadlocker type on page 9 .
  • Page 10: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Problem Cause Solution The residual-current device is re- Damaged cable or plug. Examine the cable and plug. If it is leased. necessary, replace damaged or de- fective parts. Damaged frequency converter. Replace the frequency converter. Problem with the frequency convert- Overload in the frequency converter Replace the defective part.
  • Page 11: Storage And Disposal

    Problem Cause Solution The product stops during operation. The residual-current device found a Examine the cables and the frequen- fault. cy converter. Replace the cable or the frequency converter. The product is too hot. Stop the product and move it from sunlight.
  • Page 12: Technical Data

    Technical data Technical data SMART SMART SMART SMART SMART SMART SMART Performance Voltage, V 230/115 230/115 230/115 230/115 230/115 230/115 230/115 Stator resistance, Ohm, 230 26.50/6.6 26.50/6.6 9.30/2.40 9.30/2.40 5.60/1.50 5.60/1.50 2.60/ N/A V/115 V Input current, A, 230 V/115 V 1.9/3.8 1.9/3.8 2.2/4.4...
  • Page 13 SMART SMART SMART SMART SMART SMART SMART Frequency converter height, 80/3.14 80/3.14 80/3.14 80/3.14 80/3.14 80/3.14 80/3.14 mm/in. Vibrator head diameter, mm/in. 40/1.58 40/1.58 48/1.90 48/1.90 56/2.20 56/2.20 65/2.56 Vibrator head length, m/ft. 3.20/10.4 3.20/10.4 3.50/11.4 3.50/11.4 3.80/12.4 3.80/12.4 4.10/13.4 Total weight, kg/lbs 2.3/5.0 2.3/5.0...
  • Page 14: Ec Declaration Of Conformity

    EC Declaration of Conformity EC Declaration of Conformity We, Husqvarna AB, SE-561 82 Huskvarna, Sweden, tel: +46-36-146500, declare on our sole responsibility that the product: Description Concrete Vibrator Brand Husqvarna Type/Model SMART 40/40E/48/48E/56/56E/65 Identification Serial numbers dating from 2020 and onwards...
  • Page 15 1004 - 001 - 01.04.2020...
  • Page 16 Original instructions 1140466-26 2020-04-16...

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