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Maintenance - Husqvarna LG 504 Operator's Manual

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a) Turn the ignition key to the stop position (A).
b) Remove the ignition key to prevent accidental
Compaction indicator (optional)
A: Yellow LED. The degree of compaction is 0–30%.
B: Yellow LED. The degree of compaction is 30–
C: Green LED. The degree of compaction is 60–
C and D: Green and red LED. When these LED
indicators flash, the ground surface has the
maximum degree of compaction that is applicable for
the product.
D: Red LED. The degree of compaction is 90–100%.
WARNING: Read and understand the safety
chapter before you do maintenance on the
Maintenance schedule
* = General maintenance done by the operator. The
instructions are not given in this operator's manual.
General product maintenance
Make sure that there are no fuel or oil leaks.
1229 - 002 - 06.04.2020


CAUTION: Do not operate the product
when the LED indicator (D) is on with a
constant red light. This causes wear to
the product.
E: Red or green. Power supply indicator.
When you turn the ignition key, a calibration of the
compaction indicator starts. All LED indicators (A) to (E)
come on. After approximately 4 seconds, the LED
indicator (E) changes from red to green and the LED
indicators (A) to (D) go off. When the LED indicators (A)
to (D) are off and the LED indicator (E) is green, you can
start the product.
To operate the product
Always operate the product with the throttle control set
to full throttle.
To operate the product forward, move the operation
control fully forward and release it.
To operate the product rearward, move the operation
control fully rearward and release it.
To stop the movement of the product, move the
operation control in the opposite direction in small
movements until the product is stationary.
To change direction, turn the product around by the
X = The instructions are given in this operator's manual.
O = Refer to the instructions in the engine manual
supplied by the engine manufacturer.
Before use,
Each 100 h
each 10 h
Each 6
Yearly, each
months or
500 h
250 h

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