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Transportation, Storage And Disposal - Husqvarna LG 504 Operator's Manual

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5. Fill with hydraulic oil of the correct type. Refer to
Technical data on page 20 .
WARNING: Be careful during transportation.
The product is heavy and can cause injury
or damage if it falls or moves during
Lift the product to move it shorter distances. For longer
distances, put the product on a transportation vehicle.
CAUTION: Do not tow the product behind a
To lift the product
WARNING: Make sure that the lifting
equipment has the correct specification to lift
the product safely. The type plate on the
product shows the product weight.
WARNING: Do not lift a damaged product.
Make sure that the lifting eye, the vibration
damping units and the safety straps are
correctly installed and not damaged.
WARNING: Do not walk or stay below or
near a lifted product.
1. Lock the handle in upright position.
1229 - 002 - 06.04.2020

Transportation, storage and disposal

6. Put the dipstick into the hydraulic oil tank.
2. Attach the lifting equipment to the lifting eye.
WARNING: Do not use metal hooks,
chains or other lifting equipment with
rough edges that can cause damage to
the lifting eye.
To safety the product to a transportation
vehicle with tie-down straps
1. Lock the handle in upright position (A).
2. Put 2 straps (B) around the bottom plate.
a) Put 1 strap around the front of the bottom plate
and attach the strap to the vehicle.
b) Put 1 strap around the rear of the bottom plate
and attach the strap to the vehicle.
Remove all fuel from the fuel tank before you put the
product in storage for a long period of time. Discard
the fuel at an applicable disposal location.
Fully charge the battery before storage. An empty
battery freezes at approximately -7°C/19°F. A fully
charged battery freezes at approximately -67°C/
Clean the product before storage. Remove oil and
dust from the rubber parts.
Clean the air filter before storage.

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