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Husqvarna LG 504 Operator's Manual page 16

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2. Turn the locking knob on the air filter
counterclockwise and remove the air filter (A) from
the air filter housing.
3. Clean the air filter housing with a brush.
4. Tap the air filter against a hard surface or use a
vacuum cleaner to remove the particles.
CAUTION: Do not let the nozzle of the
vacuum cleaner touch the surface of the
paper filter element. Keep a small
distance. The sensitive surface of the
paper filter element becomes damaged if
objects touch it.
5. Examine the air filter for damage.
6. Discard the air filter if it is damaged, wet or if there is
oil on it.
CAUTION: Always replace a damaged
air filter, or the dust will go into the
engine and cause engine damage.
7. Install the clean air filter or a new air filter into the air
filter housing. Tighten the locking knob clockwise.
8. Install the air filter cover and turn the locking knob
To do a check of the V-belt
WARNING: Do not operate the product
without the V-belt cover installed.
1. Stop the engine.
2. Remove the V-belt cover.
3. Examine the V-belt for damages and wear. Replace
the V-belt if it is necessary.
4. Do a check of the V-belt tension.
5. If the V-belt tension is not sufficient, do this
a) Loosen the screw on the belt tensioner (A).
b) Loosen the locknut (B).
c) Turn the adjustment screw (C) to adjust the belt
d) Tighten the screw on the locknut (B) and the belt
tensioner (A).
6. Install the V-belt cover.
To replace the oil in the eccentric
1. Remove the oil drain plug for the eccentric element
and connect a hose.
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