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Product Notes - JTS UF-10R Product Manual

Professional wideband 60-75mhz true diversity system
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7. Product notes

(1) To get the best signal performance, please keep at least 3 meters between a receiver and a
(2) Keep a receiver and transmitter from other metal object for at least 50cm.
(3) To prevent feedback and whistle, please do not aim transmitter to speaker.
(4) It is suggested to hold the middle section of transmitter (microphone) body to achieve the
best pickup effect.
(5) When multiple units are in use, it is suggested to use JTS UA-900 antenna distributor to
prevent interference.
(6) When transmitter is not used for a long time, please remove batteries from battery compart-
ment to avoid leakage of electrolyte solution to damage transmitter.
(7) When replacing batteries, please replace two batteries at the same time and use the same
brand of battery, to assure the best power performance.


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