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Problem Solving Guide - Miele SmartLine Series Operating And Installation Instructions

Induction wok
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Problem solving guide

Many malfunctions and faults that can occur in daily operation can be easily
remedied. Time and money will be saved because a service call will not be
The following guide may help you to find the reason for a malfunction or a fault,
and to correct it.
The SmartLine element
cannot be switched on.
A smell and vapours are
given off when the new
wok is being used.
The power level selec-
ted is flashing.
After the SmartLine ele-
ment has been
switched on or a sensor
control has been
touched,  appears in
the timer display for a
few seconds.
Cause and remedy
There is no power to the SmartLine element.
 Check whether the mains fuse has tripped. Con-
tact an electrician or Miele Service (for the min-
imum fuse rating, see data plate).
There may be a technical fault.
 Disconnect the SmartLine element from the mains
electricity supply for approx. 1 minute by
– tripping the relevant mains fuse or screwing the
fuse out completely, or
– switching off the residual current protection
 If, after resetting the trip switch in the mains fuse
box or the residual current protection device, the
SmartLine element will still not switch on, contact
a qualified electrician or Miele Service.
The metal components have a protective coating.
When the wok is used for the first time, this causes a
smell and possibly also vapour. The material from
which the induction coils are made also gives off a
smell in the first few hours of operation. With each
subsequent use, the odour is reduced until it disap-
pears completely. The smell and any vapours given
off do not indicate a faulty connection or appliance
and they are not hazardous to health.
The wok pan is not in position.
 Place the wok pan in position.
The system lock or safety lock is activated.
 Deactivate the system lock or safety lock (see
"System lock / Safety lock").


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