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Philips SRU 530/87 Instructions For Use Manual page 6

Philips universal remote control 3in1 for tv/vcr/dvd
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Instructions for use
Press and hold the Standby key
of the SRU530.
The SRU530 now starts emitting all known
'TV off ' signals, one by one.
Each time a code is sent, the TV key lights up.
When your TV switches off (stand-by), release the Standby key of the
SRU530 immediately.
The SRU530 has now found a code that works on your TV.
Check if you can operate all functions on your TV with the SRU530.
If this is not the case, you can redo the automatic setting.
The SRU530 will then search for a code that works better.
After the SRU530 has run through all the known codes, the search will
stop automatically and the TV key stops flashing.
Automatic programming of a TV takes a maximum of 5 minutes.
For DVD and VCR this time is 2 minutes.
Manually setting the remote control
Example of TV:
Turn on the TV manually or use the original remote control.
Tune in to channel 1.
Look up the brand of your TV in the
code list at the back of this manual.
One or more four-figure codes are shown for
each brand.
Note the first code.
Be careful! There are separate tables for TV, DVD
and VCR.
On our website you can directly select your device
typenumber to find the right code.
Make sure you use the codes from the correct table.
Press the TV key to select TV.
Press the key until it lights up.
Keep keys 1 and 3 pressed simultaneously
for three seconds until the TV key flashes
twice and then remains lit.


Table of Contents

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