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Setting The Remote Control - Philips SRU 530/87 Instructions For Use Manual

Philips universal remote control 3in1 for tv/vcr/dvd
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Check whether all the keys are working.
For an overview of the keys and their
functions see '3. Keys and functions'.
If the TV responds as it should to all of the
key commands the SRU530 is ready for use.
If the device does not respond at all or not to all of the
key commands, follow the instructions under
'Setting the remote control', or for online setup go to:

Setting the remote control

This is only necessary if your device does not respond to the SRU530.
If that is the case, the SRU530 does not recognize the brand and/or model of
your device and you need to program the remote control to do so.
The example below (TV) instructs you how to do this.You can repeat the
same steps for other devices (DVD player/recorder and VCR) which you
want to operate using the SRU530.
You can set the remote control either automatically or manually.
Automatically setting the remote control
The remote control will now automatically search for the right code for your
Example of TV:
Make sure the TV is switched on and select a channel using the original
remote control or the keys on the TV (for example channel 1).
The SRU530 emits the 'switch off TV' signal for all models of TV that are
stored in the memory.
If the device is a DVD-player/recorder or video recorder, insert a disk or
tape and start playback.
Press the TV key to select TV.
Press the key until it lights up.
Then keep keys 1 and 3 on the SRU530
pressed simultaneously for three seconds,
until the TV key flashes twice and then
remains lit.
Instructions for use


Table of Contents

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