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Door Alarm; Ice Making; Defrosting - LG GA-419U PA Series Manual

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Door Alarm

• When the door of the fridge is left opened for a while, the

Ice Making

• Fill water in ice making box of the ice making corner. If
• Ice will be dropped into the ice storage bin by rotating ice


• The refrigerator uses an automatic defrosting system.
• To defrost and clean the freezing compartment,
alarm sounds. Please contact with the local service center if
warning continue to sound even after closing the door.
water is fully filled the ice will not be separated well and
water can be dropped to make ice lumped.
separation handle of ice making compartment.
• Rotating the ice separation handle before ice is fully
frozen may cause the remaining water drop into the
ice storage bin to lump the ice together.
• To remove ice
cubes easily, run
water on the tray
before twisting.
Frost, forming on the back wall of the compartment
melts, when the Cyclically working compressor is
switched off, and turns to water drops. Melt water runs
down to the drain tray, gets to the container in the
compressor through the tube. It is necessary (at least once
in 3 months) clean the drain hole to ensure unobstructed
drainage of melt water to the container.
unplugging the refrigerator or selecting 'On/Off' switch
and removing products from the freezing compartment.
Open the door of the freezing compartment for 1 hour,
collect melt water with a sponge and wash the
compartment and rub it dry.


Table of Contents

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