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Storing Food - LG GA-419U PA Series Manual

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Storing Food

• Do not store food which goes bad easily at low
temperature, such as banana, and melon.
• Allow hot food to cool prior to storing. Placing hot
food in the fridge-freezer could spoil other food, and
lead to higher electric bills.
• When storing the food, use a container with a lid. This
prevents moisture from evaporating, and helps food to
keep its taste and nutrients.
• Do not block air vents with food. Smooth circulation of
cold air keeps fridge-freezer temperature even.
Do not attach product to the inner wall of the refrigerator
(the gap should be 3-4 cm). This prevents from normal
circulation of cold air inside of refrigeration department
and forward to making of ice on the inner backside.
• Do not open the door frequently. Opening the door
lets warm air enter the fridge-freezer, and cause
temperature to rise.
• Never keep too many foods in door rack, as this may
stop the door from fully closing.
• Do not store bottles in the freezer compartment - they
may break when frozen.
• Do not refreeze food that has been thawed. This
causes loss of taste and nutrition.
• Do not store pharmaceutical products, scientific
materials or other temperature sensitive products in
the refrigerator.
Products that require strict temperature controls must
not be stored in the refrigerator.
• Freezer Door Basket, marked
compartment, that is suitable for sort term storage of
frozen food.
• If you want to quick freeze new food, you put it middle
drawer of freezer compartment, and then press the
Express Freezer button.
Suggestions on food storage
is -12°C


Table of Contents

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