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General Information - LG GA-419U PA Series Manual

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Table of Contents
Suggestions on food storage
Power Failure
If You Move
Plate rear
Middle drawer of
freezer compartment

General Information

• 1~2 hour power failure does no harm to the foods stores.
Try to avoid opening and closing the door too frequently.
• Take out foods from the fridge-freezer and firmly fix
the loose items with tape.
• Turn the leveling screws until they stop before moving
the fridge-freezer. Otherwise the screw may scratch
the floor or the fridge-freezer cannot move.
• The Anti-Condensation pipe is
installed around the front side
of fridge-freezer as well as on
the partition between fridge
compartment and freezer
compartment to prevent dewing,
which is heating during the
operation of compressor.
• When a refrigerator is working a Plate rear can be
significantly warm. This phenomenon is explained by
the design feature of a refrigerator.
If large quantities of food are to be stored in the
freezer, a middle drawer of freezer compartment can
be taken out of the appliance and the food can be
stored directly right over the food stacked from the
lower drawer.
To remove one of the freezer drawers, pull out all the way,
lift at the front and remove.
If you keep the fridge-freezer in a hot, and humid place,
frequently open its door or put a lot of vegetables in it,
dew may form in it, which has no effect on its
Remove the dew with dust cloth free from care.


Table of Contents

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