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LG GA-419U PA Series Manual page 38

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When you want to dispose the fridge-freezer,
contact to the down-block office.
The refrigerant and insulation
blowing gas used in the appliance
require special disposal procedures.
Ensure that none of the pipes on
the back of the appliances are
damaged prior to disposal.
Violating this direction may cause injury or damage
house or furniture. Always be careful, please.
Do not touch food or containers
at the freezer with wet hands.
It may cause frostbite.
Wait for 5 minutes or longer
when reconnecting the plug.
It may cause the operation of the
freezer to fail.
Do not put bottle in the freezer.
It may freeze the contents to break
the bottle to cause injury.
Pull out the power plug not by
grasping the cord but the plug
of its end.
Extraction by the cord may cause
electric shock or short circuit and fire.
The supply plug of the refrigerator-freezer
should be placed in easy accessible position
for quick disconnection in emergency.
If the appliance is not to be used for a long time,
pull out the power plug.
Any deterioration in the insulation may cause fire.
Do not let children touch or play with the control
panel on the front of the appliance.
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Table of Contents

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