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LG GA-419U PA Series Manual page 37

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When any strange smell or smoke is detected from
the fridge-freezer, disconnect the power plug
immediately and contact to the
service center.
It may cause fire.
Do not allow any person except the qualified
engineer to disassemble, repair
or alter the fridge-freezer.
It may cause injury, electric shock or
Do not use the fridge-freezer for non-domestic
purpose (storing medicine or testing material,
using at the ship, etc.).
It may cause an unexpected risk
such as fire, electric shock,
deterioration of stored material or
chemical reaction.
When disposing the fridge-freezer, remove the
packing materials from the door,
leave the shelves in place.
It may cause to lock out the child.
Install the fridge-freezer on the solid and level
Install the fridge-freezer on a plane
surface to prevent it's falling
down and injury or death.
Do not insert the hands or the
metal stick into the exit of cool
air, the cover, the bottom of the
fridge-freezer, the heatproof grill
(exhaust hole) at the backside.
It may cause electric shock or injury.


Table of Contents

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