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Cleaning - LG GA-419U PA Series Manual

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Table of Contents
Care and Maintenance
Before Cleaning
After Cleaning


Be sure to unplug the power.
If you want to take out an opti fresh zone drawer of a
refrigerator, Take out the drawer after remove a basket
in front of drawer.
Clean the outside of the fridge-freezer with a soft cloth
soaked with hot water or liquid detergent. If you use a
detergent, be sure to wipe it with a clean wet cloth.
If snow layer more than 3mm forms in the freezing
compartment or cooling compartment.
It can be removed with the plastic spatula, included in the
delivery set, the refrigerator should be unplugged for
defrosting and clean.
To clean the interior freezer room easily.
Above all things draw off a middle freezer
drawer and empty the rest of freezer
drawers before defrosting.
The snow layer hinders cold transfer to
products, increases cooling time and reduces quality of
products, raising power consumption.
It is prohibited to use metal objects for snow layer removal.
It is recommended to clean the freezing compartment after
each defrosting, but at least twice a year.
If small ice on the inner side cooling chamber does not prevent
from normal operation of the refrigerator, it doesn't required to
delete Optionally, you can remove it by ice scrap, but no more
than 1 times in a month.
Change temperature of the refrigerator department,
by increasing temperature to 1-2 C.
It is prohibited to scrape the surface of an freezing
evaporator with metal and sharp objects for snow layer
Check that the power cord is not damaged, power plug
has not overheated, and that the power plug is tightly
inserted into the outlet.
Be sure to dry the appliance with a cloth after washing
it with water.
Do not use abrasive, petroleum, benzene, thinner,
hydrochloride acid, boiling water, rough brush, etc, as
they may damage parts of the fridge-freezer.


Table of Contents

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