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Water Connections; Water Inlet Hose; Water Outlet Hose - Sharp QW-GD54R443X-DE User Manual

Built-in dishwasher
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If the door of the machine does not close properly, check if the machine is stable
on the floor on which it stands; if not, adjust the feet and ensure its stable posi-
Water connection
İndoor plumbing must be suitable for installing a dishwasher. We also recom-
mend that you fit a filter at the entrance of your house or apartment so as to avo-
id any damage to your machine as a result of any contamination (sand, clay, rust
etc.) that might be occasionally carried in through the main water supply or the
indoor plumbing, and to forestall such complaints as yellowing and the formation
of deposits after washing.
After making connections, the tap should be turned on fully and checked for wa-
ter tightness. For the safety of machine, turn off the water inlet tap after finishing
each wash programme.

Water inlet hose

Do not use the water inlet hose of your old machine. Use
the new hose supplied with your machine. If you connect
a new or long - unused water inlet hose to your machine,
run water through it for a while before making the con-
nection. Connect the water inlet hose directly to the water
inlet tap. The pressure supplied by the tap should be at a
minimum of 0.03 Mpa and and at a maximum of 1 Mpa.
If the water pressure is above 1 Mpa, a pressure-relief
valve should be fitted in between.
NOTE: An aquastop water spout is used in some
models. In the event of using Aquastop, a dangerous
tension exists. Do not cut Aquastop water spout. Do
not let it get folded or twisted.

Water outlet hose

The water drain hose can be connected either directly
to the water drain hole or to the sink outlet spigot.
Using a special bent pipe (if available), the water can
be drained directly into the sink via hooking the bent
pipe over the edge of the sink. This connection sho-
uld be between 50 and 110 cm from the floor plane.