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Recommendations; Items Not Suitable For Dishwashing; Chapter-3: Installing The Machine Positioning The Machine - Sharp QW-GD54R443X-DE User Manual

Built-in dishwasher
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• For energy and water saving, remove coarse residues on your dishes before
placing the dishes into the machine. Start your machine after having fully
loaded it.
• Use the pre-wash programme only whenever necessary.
• Place such hollow items as bowls, glasses and pots into the machine in such
a way so they face down.
• You are recommended not to load into your machine any dishes different or
more than indicated.
Items not suitable for dish washing:
• Cigarette ashes, candle wax, polish, paint, chemical substances, iron-alloy
• Forks, spoons and knives with wooden,bone, ivory or nacre-coated handles;
glued items,items soiled with abrasive, acidic or base chemicals.
• Plastic items that are not heat-resistant, copper or tin-coated containers.
• Aluminium and silver objects (they may discolour, become dull).
• Certain delicate glass types, porcelains with ornamental printed patterns as
they fade even after the first wash; certain crystal items as they lose their
transparency over time, adhered cutlery that is not heat-resistant, lead crystal
glasses, cutting boards, items manufactured with synthetic fibres;
• Absorbent items such as sponges or kitchen rags are not suitable for
Warning: Make sure to purchase dishwasher-safe sets in your future
Positioning the machine
When determining the installation place, ensure an accessible place for easy
loading and unloading of dishes.
Do not put your machine in any location where there is a probability of the room
temperature falling below 0°C. Before positioning, take the machine out of its
packaging by following the warnings located on the packaging.
Position the machine close to a water tap or drain. You need to site your mac-
hine, taking into consideration that its connections cannot be altered once they
are made. Do not grip the machine by its door or panel in order to move it. Take
care to leave sufficient clearance from all sides of the machine to comfortably
move it back and forth during cleaning. Make sure that the water inlet and outlet
hoses do not get squeezed while positioning the machine. Also, make sure that
the machine does not stand on the electrical cable. Adjust the machine's adjus-
table feet so that it can stand level and balanced. The proper positioning of the
machine ensures problem-free opening and closing of the door.