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Electrical Connection - Sharp QW-GD54R443X-DE User Manual

Built-in dishwasher
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Warning: When a drain hose longer than 4 m is used, the dishes may
remain dirty. In such a case, our company will not accept liability.

Electrical connection

The grounded plug of your machine should be connected to an grounded out-
let supplied by a suitable voltage and current. If there is no grounding installa-
tion, have a competent electrician carry one out. In the event of usage without
installed grounding, our company will not be liable for any loss of usage that
may occur.
The indoor fuse current value should be 10-16 A.
Your machine is set to 220-240 V. If the power supplyvoltage in your location
is 110 V, connect a transformer of 110/220 V and 3000 W in between. The
machine should not be plugged in during positioning.
Always use the coated plug supplied with your machine.
Operation in low voltage will cause a decline in washing quality.
The machine's electrical cable should be replaced by an authorised service or
an authorised electrician only. Failure to do so may lead to accidents.
For safety purposes, always make sure to disconnect the plug when a wash
programme is finished.
In order to avoid an electric shock, do not unplug when your hands are wet.
When disconnecting your machine from the main supply, always remove by
the plug. Never pull on the cord itself.