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Combined Detergent; Filling With Rinse Aid And Making The Setting - Sharp QW-GD54R443X-DE User Manual

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Combined detergents
Combined detergents may include various properties in them. Before using a detergent, please read and follow
the instructions well. Generally, combined detergents produce sufficient results only under certain conditions.
Points to consider when using these types of products:
• Check the specifications of the product whether it is combined or not.
• Check if the detergent used is appropriate for the hardness of the main water supply.
• Read the instructions of the products on the packagings.
• Always put the tablets into the detergent compartment in the detergent dispenser.
• You need to contact the manufacturers and find out about the suitable conditions of use.
• If you use appropriate products, they can ensure savings in salt and/or rinse agent consumption.
• The scope of the warranty for your machine does not cover any complaints caused by the use of these types
of detergents.
Recommended usage: If you want to obtain better results while using combined detergents, add salt and rinse
agent into your machine and adjust the water hardness setting and the rinse aid setting to the lowest position.
The solubility of the tablet detergents produced by different companies can vary depending on
the temperature and time. Therefore, the use of such detergents in short programmes is not
recommended. It is more suitable to use powder detergents for such programmes.
Warning: Should any problem, which you have not encountered before arise with the use of this type of
detergents, contact the detergent manufacturers directly.
When you stop using combined detergents
• Fill the salt and rinse agent compartments.
• Adjust the water hardness setting to the highest position and run an empty-wash.
• Adjust the water hardness level.
• Set the suitable rinse agent setting.
Filling with rinse agent and making the setting
An adequate amount of rinse aid prevents white water drops, lime stains and white film strips . It also increases
drying performance.
To add the rinse agent, remove the rinse agent compartment cap by turning it. 1 Fill the rinse agent
compartment with rinse agent until the rinse agent level indicator becomes dark; 2 refit the cap and close it
by turning it in a way that the nails correspond to one another. By checking the rinse agent level indicator on
the detergent dispenser, you can check to see whether your machine needs rinse aid or not. A dark indicator
b means that there is rinse agent in the compartment, while a light indicator a shows that you need to fill the
compartment with rinse agent.
The rinse aid level adjuster can be set to a position between 1 and 6. The factory setting for rinse aid is the
position 3.
To fill the rinse aid compartment, open the rinse-aid compartment cap. Fill the compartment
with rinse aid to the MAX level and then close the cap. Be careful not to overfill the rinse
aid compartment and wipe up any spills.
In order to change the rinse aid level, follow the below steps before turning on the
Touch the programme button and hold it down.
Turn on the machine.
Hold down the programme button until "rA" disappears. Rinse aid setting follows water
hardness setting.
The machine will display the current setting.
Set the level by touching the programme button.
Switch off the machine to save the setting.
The factory setting is "4".
If the dishes are not drying properly or are spotted, increase the level. If blue stains form on
your dishes, decrease the level.
Brightener Dose
Rinse-aid not dispensed
1 dose is dispensed
2 doses are dispensed
3 doses are dispensed
4 doses are dispensed
r1 is shown on the display
r2 is shown on the display
r3 is shown on the display.
r4 is shown on the display.
r5 is shown on the display.